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The Diary of a Social Media Manager
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Dear Diary…
In the week where social media managers everywhere raised a glass to another fallen social media soldier (yes, THAT Juventus tweet) and the whole internet banded together to get this social media manager the job of their dreams (long story short: give this post a like), I wondered how us social media managers wind down after work…

“so what do you do after work?”

social media manager: work
Can’t say I relate as someone who works 40 hours a week managing social media, before spending my spare time running a memes account, a weekly newsletter and a small amount of freelancing on the side… 👀
All that aside, the the most important question is really this…
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Straight from my DMs and in to your inbox…
You wouldn’t believe how many questions flood in to my inbox each week. And honestly, most of the time, they’re things that I also want to know the answer to! Luckily, someone out there has our back…
sends a silent prayer to the social gods
So, here are the questions that most frequently appear in my inbox and their answers on a postcard. This week? It’s Battle of the Titans: paid social vs. organic social strategy and how the eff to know which one to focus on.
P.S. watch to the end for an added bonus question… I’ll give you a clue. It’s to do with spam and fake followers. Don’t tell me I don’t bring you the glamour.
We're on a beach, we're bringing you answers. Happy Thursday, friends!
We're on a beach, we're bringing you answers. Happy Thursday, friends!
Killer engagement and innovative story telling lives here…
So I’ll admit, this one was sent to me by a follower a couple of weeks ago, and I knew from the moment I saw some of their content I HAD to pass the recommendation on.
A new one to me, it’s World Athletics:
Witty, creative and good all-round storytelling. I am in LOVE.
Some personal highlights?
This mash up of renaissance art to celebrate a gold medal, the pure poetry of showcasing a childhood dream before it became a reality, and all the pop culture references a social media manager could want.
Bravo to admin. Admin, bravo.
All the latest Instagram info, right from the horse’s mouth…
If you want to get all the latest info on Instagram, minus the rumours and not-so-mild hysteria that comes every time Instagram announces anything, Adam Mosseri is the one.
If you’re not already following him, or recognise the name, Adam Mosseri is the Head of Instagram (side note: what a job…) Once a week he runs an Ask Me Anything segment, and speaks transparently about the latest Instagram news (the good, the bad and the downright ugly). Basically, the best way to keep on top of that rumour mill is to get straight to bottom of it with Mr Mosseri.
Covid restrictions but make it fashun…
Some opportunities are just too good to miss!
Coordinator, Inspire Change Social Programming (Seasonal) @ NFL
And the Best #BrandTwitter moment goes to…
Truly, I’d post the Love Island account every week if I could. But the simple bio change kills me every 👏 single 👏 time 👏
This week, Manu from @yoursocialteam and @yourtemplateclub talks about her experience working in social…
Tell me a little about you and your role 
I’m Manu, founder of @yoursocialteam and @yourtemplateclub. I help social media managers and Instagram experts get more engagement and sales from Instagram organically and stay on top of the trends and new features. We offer training classes, my personal support and the best Canva and caption templates in the market (yes, I said what I said! 😎). 
I was born and raised in Brazil and moved to the U.S. for a job at the Cartoon Network right out of college, where I stayed for 15 years (at Cartoon, not in college!). I live in Atlanta with my husband, our two kids, two dogs and two MacBooks. 
What’s your favourite thing about working in social?
I actually love that social media evolves so fast and that what people want to see changes along with it. The short shelf life of each post allows us to be a lot more experimental than with traditional advertising, which I find very fun.
What’s your least favourite thing about working in social?
I hate seeing people get caught up in the popularity contest. Looking for validation from likes is not only unhealthy but also makes people lose sight of real goals of using social to promote a business. If anyone reading this feels personally victimized, go unfollow some accounts that make you feel bad about yours.
Top tip?
Add video to your square feed posts on Instagram. People don’t realize that when you have a video on your feed post, besides looking more eye-catching and more likely to compete with Reels in the scroll, it also takes 4x the space image-only posts take in the Explore page and twice as much space as Reels! It can be as simple as a moving background on a screenshot of a tweet or an animated GIF in your meme.
Anything else you want to add?
Don’t blindly follow every piece of advice you read about on Instagram. First stop and think if you can verify it or if it makes sense. If people tell you hashtags in stories no longer work, go to a big hashtag and see if there are any stories there. If people tell you the algorithm will “punish” you for editing your posts, consider it’s a feature Instagram themselves gave you, before you leave your typos out there in the world. 
Your favourite meme of the week
live footage or me resigning to my fate...
live footage or me resigning to my fate...
So once again we find ourselves staring at the end of an email and wondering how we could possibly have as much fun as we do… Or is that just me?
Either way… Remember, my DMs are always open. Send me your secrets and confessions, or just let me know a little about you and your life as a social media manager. I’ll keep it all safe. Before publishing it on the internet, of course.
Work in social they said. It’ll be fun, they said.
Peace out ✌️
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