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i spilled all my secrets this week 🙈

The Diary of a Social Media Manager
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Dear Diary…
In the week where another super celebrity signed up to TikTok (hint: they’re Sweden’s greatest export) and LinkedIn joined Twitter Fleets in admitting that not every platform needs stories (although ominously hinted that more video formats are to come 😅), I was busy celebrating the small win of my memes account being featured by Zoella (!!!) and getting to reveal all the behind the scenes gossip of running @workinsocialtheysaid.
Now… if only I could get the same level of PR for the accounts that I’m actually paid to run 🙈
So, without further ado huns and hunties, keep scrolling for my hot takes and favourite tweets and memes…

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For the last time, WE ARE NOT INTERNS…
I’m sure, like most of you, you are absolutely sick to your bones of hearing anybody make an intern joke when brands make mistakes online.
*major eye rolls*
In all seriousness, it’s a pretty outdated but (unfortunately for us) super widespread view view that social media managers are entry level workers cosplaying as real marketers. But I think it’s fair to say a lot of marketing teams would implode without them. So here’s how to help and get you and your social team the respect and help they need and (most importantly) deserve.
SMMs anonymously share the realities of working in social media…
Tell me a little about you and your role
I started as a freelance SMM in March 2021, before that I was working for a top agency in Australasia - during 2020… Nightmarish to say the least, but learnt a whole heap and got some big brands under my social belt!
What’s your favourite thing about working in social?
My absolute favourite thing about working in social (apart from a bloody good meme) is probably digital community management. I’ve looked after some of New Zealand’s biggest, most well known brands online. While it’s a tough job with immense amounts of pressure and client demands 24/7, I love building their communities and having great banter, especially when it’s a brand where you can have a little fun and be a little cheeky with the community. You honestly can’t beat a well-placed GIF. 
What’s your least favourite thing about working in social?
My least favourite thing is probably the shifting technology and software, and trends constantly changing. Waking up each morning wondering what’s changed online and how it will affect you and your clients. You think you’re a Facebook and Instagram professional, then everything changes… and suddenly there are new buttons in new places and things don’t work the way they used to anymore. Relearning constantly can sometimes be a pain! 
Top tip!
From a community manager/crisis team point of view, my top tip is definitely to re-read everything SUPER carefully before pushing the send/enter button. How can this copy potentially be misconstrued, have you answered all the questions being asked, how can you avoid a PR disaster from happening or pissing someone off? Re-reading, proofing, editing and getting someone to help sense check everything is super helpful and has helped save me from many potentially shitty moments in the past. 
If this doesn’t make you want to curl up in to a ball and die…
Some opportunities are just too good to miss!
And the Best #BrandTwitter moment goes to…
HubbaBubba has joined the chat…
My favourite #MarketingTwitter moments this week….
Jen Hartmann

Facebook: You have 12 notifications re: your feed, 7 events we’re excited about, 5 group posts we _think_ you might care about, 9+ videos we _think_ you might want to watch, 10 people who want to connect and 10 Facebook Messenger DMs waiting for you
Nathan Allebach
did it hurt? when you realized that as long as your work is tethered to internet culture you can never truly log off
Your favourite meme of the week
Another week, another set of internet jokes to (hopefully) make you smile. Now, relax those shoulders, unclench that jaw and try and enjoy your weekend.
Remember, my DMs are always open. Send me your secrets and confessions, or just let me know a little about you and your life as a social media manager. I’ll keep it all safe. Before publishing it on the internet, of course.
Work in social they said. It’ll be fun, they said.
Peace out ✌️
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