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goodbye... for now

The Diary of a Social Media Manager
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Dear Diary…
Yes, chickadees. This is a farewell letter, a sonnet of goodbyes, an ode to times gone by sob
My diary is being locked away, my time with Geekout has come to an end and (let’s be 100% truthful) I’m ready to spend my evenings relaxing with a bottle of sauv blanc and Gossip Girl re-runs rather than writing newsletters, as we head into those winter nights.
That’s right, you won’t hear from me anymore on this email list 😢 so hit that unsubscribe, scribble my name out of your calendar and tell your friends I’m the one who got away.
Goodbye isn’t forever. Only for a little while.
So if you’d like to hear from me when I’m out of hibernation then make sure you sign up here👇

Work In Social They Said
Because I’ll be back. And when I am, we have tea to spill, babies.
So be the first to know when the revolution starts, because i’ll be leading the charge.
Just as soon as i’ve re-charged.
me on my substack in a short while
me on my substack in a short while
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Some housekeeping…
Check out my jobs bulletin (a couple of new ones this week)
See you on the other side.
Goodbye and Goodnight.
Work In Social They Said xxx
P.s. Make sure you scroll to the end for one final confession….
One final social media manager shares their thoughts… It’s Amanda from Hootsuite!
Tell me a little about you and your role
I manage the brilliant team behind Hootsuite’s social media channels. I oversee the organic and paid boosting social strategy for our global english channels. This also includes Hootsuite’s social listening and engagement strategy (in other words, talking to @hootsuite on our social channels), and our employee advocacy strategy (encouraging Hootsuite employees to share on their social channels).
Another aspect of my role that keeps things exciting is the collaboration on product and feature innovation within our company. We use our own tools (obviously) and it’s a cool opportunity to provide feedback and insight to those building it.
I started as a social media coordinator and worked my way up to specialist, lead, and finally manager. I’ve been with Hootsuite for six years.
I live in beautiful Vancouver, Canada and as a typical Vancouverite on the weekends you’ll most likely find me enjoying the local mountains and hitting up breweries with my hubby and dog.
What’s your favourite thing about working in social?
The creativity, flexibility, and instant feedback from the audience. I love testing new tactics, formats and strategies, and then seeing if it’s a winner or a flop. Who else watches their analytics like a hawk after they’ve posted something that is chefs kiss??
If you work for a company or brand that puts the trust in social media managers and encourages taking risks for the benefit of learning, that’s where the magic happens. Social media managers deserve a seat at the table because they have a direct line to what customers want and need, and can get instant feedback before too much investment is made into a certain campaign or project.
What’s your least favourite thing about working in social?
Being on the frontline of social media all the time, seeing the good, bad, and ugly. Whether it’s what’s happening in the world or a brand crisis, as a social media manager you absorb it all. As best you can, setting clear boundaries and getting some moments to disconnect is crucial for the mental health of social media managers.
Top tip
Make sure you’re aligning your social media goals to business needs. Look at your company’s marketing objectives, and find out exactly what your leaders think the most important role social media plays in achieving those goals. From there, you either have to do some education internally on the impact of social media for the business or you’ll have a clear target for you to demonstrate the power of what you do.
And that really is it. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu. xoxo
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