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did they REALLY say that?? 😳

The Diary of a Social Media Manager
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Dear Diary…
Right, I truly was trying to get some form of social media detox this week… Honestly, I was. But in the week where YikYak made a return and PureGym made the social media blunder to end all blunders (although let’s petition to quit the intern jokes - please), here’s little ol’ me in the middle of my ‘detox'👇

if you think i’m gonna scroll through social media for hours in my spare time even though i’m telling you i need time away you would be 100% right
Love that for me.
Anyway, after that failed experiment, it’s time to get back to it. And boy have I got some things to share this week…
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From the rise and fall of Clubhouse, to the Reels revolution, topped off with the re-introduction of YikYak… Who else is wondering what the rest of the year could possibly have in store? 🙋‍♀️ And who else is trying to work out what on earth they’re gonna do about it? 🙋‍♀️
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The museum that’s owning TikTok…
A museum? That’s right… You heard me. A mu-se-um. You better hop, skip and jump on over to TikTok to check out the Black Country Living Museum, because their TikTok game is on fire.
Memes, lip-syncing and an unbelievable wardrobe department, all I can say is this: If I was a kid, I would 100% be learning all my history from this account. But instead, i’m just a millennial social media manager spending my day scrolling through historytok and wondering how I ✨ once again ✨ managed to lose an afternoon to TikTok. What a life.
THE place for all the latest Twitter happenings…
Ok… not an account this time. Just a little way to make sure you don’t miss out on all the best Twitter moments. So, if you’re not already aware, here’s a little Twitter hack of dreams…
Firstly, go to your Twitter burner and select topics. Here’s one I made earlier:
Now, here’s the trick: you get the option to choose to see tweets in your timeline from a variety of topics. This part, friends, is yours to curate as you wish. You can choose topics that relate to the industry you work in (for that added social listening) or choose topics that will inspire your own creation. For me, it’s gotta be “‘Funny Tweets’, ‘Viral Tweets’ and ‘Social Media’.
So set those topics, and watch the tweets of the day flood your timeline.How else are you gonna make sure you don’t miss it all?
When bae deserves to feature on feed…
Some opportunities are just too good to miss!
And the Best #BrandTwitter moment goes to…
Congrats on the nearly 1M milestone, Reddit admins. Question though, is it really just two of you running Reddit’s social media?? Kudos.
This week, Casey Garcia Borrero, shares her experience as an SMM…
Here's our gal!
Here's our gal!
Tell me a little about you and your role 
Currently, I am a Marketing Manager at a healthcare staffing company. Previously, I was the social media manager for an SVP of a profitable internet company. In that position, I learned how to take on a different voice as I had to post as her on her accounts. I also traveled two times out of the year to annual events which required me to follow her around behind-the-scenes, on stage, behind the stage, photograph celebs, etc.
It was very fast-paced at times. I like the excitement of working with deadlines and under pressure. In order to succeed in social, you must be a leader, not a follower. You also have to pay strong attention to detail. If you put up a post and neglect to tag the correct person or not tag at all, you’re missing the mark on the main objective of social media.
What’s your favourite thing about working in social?
It’s fun! It’s great to connect with people all over the world. It’s also addicting- collecting all the likes and comments in a single post. It’s also always evolving, which makes it interesting. It keeps me on my toes and reminds me to never get comfortable in my role. 
What’s your least favourite thing about working in social?
I love what I do, but I hate that I always find myself working, even on my “days off.”
Top tip?
Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do it without experience. When I started my social media career back in 2014 at a former internship, a business owner said I can’t get a job in social media without experience. Fast forward a few months, I landed my first social media gig with a local agency. She hired me because she followed me on Twitter. My piece of advice, never listen to naysayers. Follow your own path, and trust your gut. 
Your favourite meme of the week
That’s it hunny buns. Another day, another dollar. I’m gonna sign off, and try and get some ever elusive social media detox.
Remember, my DMs are always open. Send me your secrets and confessions, or just let me know a little about you and your life as a social media manager. I’ll keep it all safe. Before publishing it on the internet, of course.
Work in social they said. It’ll be fun, they said.
Peace out ✌️
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