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COMING SOON: The Diary of a Social Media Manager

The Diary of a Social Media Manager
Issue #1 • View online
Dear Diary… 
I’ve got a lot of things I need to tell you. And a lot of stuff I need to share.
And now’s the time to start sharing it, with my people, The Social Media Managers 💪
Every Thursday.
Starting July 1st 🥳

  • BRANDS WHO ARE KILLING IT ONLINE: how did McDonalds get the whole of LinkedIn talking about their 24 hour service? 💯
  • MUST FOLLOW ACCOUNTS: did I tell you about the museum that’s smashing it out the park on TikTok?📱
  • LATEST GOSSIP: not the social media managers finally finding out what we’re all getting paid 😱
  • CONFESSIONS FROM THE DMs: find out what social media managers are really saying 🗣
  • WHAT’S TRENDING: the late night Cartoon Network format sweeping across TikTok 🔥
  • HOT NEW JOBS: get alerted to new social media jobs from top brands and agencies 💼
Anonymous, from the DMs of @workinsocialtheysaid
Anonymous, from the DMs of @workinsocialtheysaid
And, of course, it wouldn’t be complete without new (and exclusive) memes…
Live footage of me and my pals
Live footage of me and my pals
Tell your colleagues and comrades
Share it on your networks.
We’re starting a movement and bringing our launch sponsor Hootsuite along for the ride.
Oh, and who am I…?
Just a social media manager for a large, global brand.
And that’s all you need to know. For now 😉
Work in social they said, it’ll be fun they said.
See you there ✌️
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