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best twitter moment of all time?

The Diary of a Social Media Manager
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Dear Diary…
In the week where Fleets didn’t disappear, Nasa pulled off the most elite caption I’ve seen in a while and someone asked the question we’ve all been wondering about LinkedIn, me and a few other social media managers spent our time using predictive text as therapy 👇

type “i love social because” and let predictive text help you work out why you put yourself through this
Some of the answers were SCARILY accurate. Give it a try and let me know if your phone, like mine, knows you better than you know yourself.
But back to my favourite moment this week: Twitter themselves and the saga that was the slow and dramatic death of Fleets. “We’re sorry or you’re welcome” will go down in history as the greatest tagline to accompany the removal of a platform feature. But the fact that Fleets began trending the day they were due to disappear simply because they didn’t… Was it engineer oversight? Was it genius marketing move? The epic surprise and delight marathon that followed (of which I snagged myself a hoodie - don’t hate) would suggest the latter. Either way, my GOD I enjoyed the drama.
So all that aside, bambinos…
If you, like me, have no time to keep up with what on earth is going on in the world of social media, checkout Geekout: The Ultimate Newsletter for Busy Social Media Managers, every Friday.
Be careful with that copyright, huns…
If you’re managing the social media for any brand, the last thing you want to do is land them in hot water over copyright… And you may or may not know that there can be seriously SERIOUS consequences for posting an image to social media without the right permissions…
I’m never one to want to spoil the fun, but if you learn anything from me, let it be this. Copyright is something you want to make sure you know like the back of your hand. Find out how to make sure you’re sharing images legally, and save yourself an expensive headache, or two.
Proof that absolutely anyone can have a personal brand…
Ok… I’ll admit it. This one isn’t a brand. But my god, it is worth checking out if you’re looking for inspo for your Twitter tone of voice.
I present to you… James Blunt.
“That guy who sang that cringey song in the early 2000s”, I hear you cry? Firstly, that song is poetry. Secondly, yes. Exactly him.
James Blunt has made a whole brand out of turning his haters in to perfect marketing fodder and making it his business to win Twitter every other week. Check out his best Twitter moments and take a moment with me to wish your tweeting skills could be even half as good as Mr Blunt’s.
All the social media platform leaks a person could want…
Wanna be in the know on all the latest social media platform development gossip? Alessandro Paluzzi is your guy 👇
Always first to break the news on the latest tests and updates (primarily Instagram but other platforms included), he’s an absolute must follow for anyone looking to keep on top of the latest developments. Now all we have to do is work out what to do with that info… But one thing at a time, Susan.
Now this one feels real naughty…
Some opportunities are just too good to miss!
Senior Digital Communications Officer (Maternity Cover) @ The Royal Household
And the Best Twitter moment goes to…
Firstly, they ain’t wrong. Secondly, I’m here for the reimagining of a classic meme with McDonald’s branding. Full marks, Maccy Ds.
This week, Gabby from Strut To Success spills the beans on being a freelancer…
Tell me a little about you and your role 
I run my own content marketing agency where I help women small business owners grow their influence and earnings on social media. I offer white-glove done-for-you services, so I handle everything from developing each client’s strategy for social media to creating their monthly content plan, creating the actual content (including designing graphics, writing captions, and editing their reels 😩), plus scheduling their content to post and responding to comments. You know, all the things.
What’s your favourite thing about working in social?
My favorite thing about social is the storytelling aspect and the way it forces brands to truly be inventive, innovative, and creative in their marketing. You can’t just SELL straight out on social media. You really have to study your audience and find angles that appeal to them to truly gain their trust so they can LOVE your brand before they actually buy into it. As someone who once had dreams of being a journalist, creating content for social media is the second best thing when I’m able to work with clients who let me put my natural storytelling skills to work. 
What’s your least favourite thing about working in social?
I have always been the type of person who is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades so I naturally take it upon myself to learn all of the many hard and soft skills it requires to successfully manage social media. BUT never in my wildest days did I ever imagine Social Media Managers would ever be expected to actually manage all of the moving parts of social media on our own. We’re expected to be graphic designers, copywriters, video editors, strategists, and everything in between, yet many businesses refuse to see the value in what we do and will often choose to hire an intern or force someone who isn’t qualified to run their social media instead of hiring an expert to do it. It’s a huge contradiction that I find so frustrating. 
Top tip?
There’s no better time than NOW to start freelancing in social media. Even if you have a full-time job you LOVE, if you want to make some extra cash, there are so many small businesses popping up every day who need skilled people to help them run their socials (and are willing to pay for it!). Start building a brand for yourself as a social media expert online and give yourself the job security of knowing that, if 2020 ever repeats itself again, you have your own brand and business to fall back on 😉
Your favourite meme of the week
Actual footage of my home office, on the right
Actual footage of my home office, on the right
And that, good people, is that. A few posts, a couple of accounts, a social media manager here or there. Welcome to my life and the end of this week’s newsletter.
Remember, my DMs are always open. Send me your secrets and confessions, or just let me know a little about you and your life as a social media manager. I’ll keep it all safe. Before publishing it on the internet, of course.
Work in social they said. It’ll be fun, they said.
Peace out ✌️
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