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best thread for social media managers ever?!

The Diary of a Social Media Manager
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Dear Diary…
Welcome back to this little corner of the internet I like to call ✨ mine ✨
There’s no two ways about it, it’s been a tough week. I’m intentionally not going to re-share anything on the subject of the EURO final. All I’ll say is this: the England team did their country proud, the behaviour online was abhorrent and social media platforms, quite simply, need to do better.
*and breathe*
So, with that being said, let’s end the introduction this week with the better side of the internet. And honestly, is there anything better than this thread? Five minutes of smiles, guaranteed.
Now that’s out of the way… are you ready?

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How did I not know this??
You need 10K followers on Instagram to get a swipe up. Right?
Find out how to find out how add a swipe up link, even if you don’t have 10K followers. It’s a cheeky little workaround (of course - nothing is ever simple on IG) but it could be perfect if you manage smaller accounts and you’re looking to get your traffic game up. Especially before that new link feature gets rolled out. Whenever that happens… coughcoughinstagramcough 👀
And here's a little video version for those who prefer the YouTube way of life
And here's a little video version for those who prefer the YouTube way of life
What REALLY happened with that Look Fantastic post?
Ok… strap in. This one is a ride. It all starts with this post 👇
Well… 27,000 likes later, the team were about to enjoy a well deserved Monday off, right? WRONG.
The internet was quick to break the story that not only were the team NOT getting the full day off (*sob*), an email had been sent around group wide explaining that the piece had been designed as an engagement stunt (*gasp - we would never*).
Well, (perhaps unsurprisingly 😅) this did not go down too well. Word on the street is that the general unrest (online and off) was so great, it caused the C-suite to do a complete 180 at 6pm on Friday and give the entire group the full day off on Monday. This genius (albeit sanitised) post explains it better than I ever could.
Being an agent of chaos myself, there’s something about a social team going rogue and getting their entire group the day off that fills me with giddy joy. I’ll probably leave that one off my CV though.
Truly, only a meme can do this good work justice.
Bravo, Team Look Fantastic
Bravo, Team Look Fantastic
Fast Food, K-Pop and Twitter, oh my!
In case you hadn’t guessed, I’m an absolute sucker for any brand doing their best work on Twitter. So it won’t come as any surprise that McDonald’s meta tone and witty commentary fits the bill.
Their collaboration with the Korean pop sensation, BTS has to be one of the most impressive campaigns this year. Using the power of celebrity to get more eyes on your brand is nothing new in the marketing playbook, but leveraging the engagement levels of the BTS fanbase? That’s smart. The K-Pop stans are WILD on that app. You only have to look at the engagement levels on the campaign to see what I mean.
Anyway, here’s a little masterclass in social-first thinking for you. Straight out of the feed and in to your mind, where it will live rent free.
The teaser…
confession: my other twitter is a secret stan account
The announcement…
The end…
its the last day of the BTS Meal, can u all sign my yearbook
And I even managed to avoid the temptation to just copy paste the entire feed.
Only the best brand collabs here…
If trying to keep up with all the latest trends, slang, internet chat AND your corporate job is too much (PSA: it is), @justme.rod is your guy.
His millennial weekly recaps didn’t have to highlight just quite how much internet culture passes me by, but they have me in (educated) stitches all the same. It’s my unashamed weekly dose of trying to keep up with what the internet is talking about, in the context of everything I miss and love from the early 00’s.
Jokes aside, his brand collabs are quirky, fun and inspo for anyone unsure about how to work with the TikTok-ers (and Reel-ers) of this world.
This one made me spit my tea out…
I think we can all empathise with accidentally liking, following or joining lives from the brand accounts.
I’m pleased to say that the list of brands who have “accidentally” followed @workinsocialtheysaid is racking up. I can confirm that so far i’ve had:
  • A major luxury fashion brand
  • Several celebrities
  • A household American TV Talent show
  • The Prime Minister of the UK
None of them stayed though 😢 I can only hope it was a social media manager’s mistake and not Boris Johnson deciding he wasn’t a memes fan after all.
Some opportunities are just too good to miss!
VP Digital, Social Media & Engagement Strat (Disney Branded/Nat Geo) @  DISNEY
And the Best #BrandTwitter moment goes to…
Everyone ready for a Tubby hot summer?
Everyone ready for a Tubby hot summer?
Every week, social media managers (anonymously) spill the beans…
Tell us a little about you and your role!
I’ve been working for two decades with brands, online and off. 11 years working in social at all levels, from CM/blogger to director, in-house and agency side. 
Favourite thing about working in social?
Bringing together so many disparate parts of a business, many of whom have never sat together in a room before, to bring about change and show them the impact their work has on social and vice versa.
Least favourite thing about working in social?
The negative impact social has had on people and society, and whether it’s a net positive or negative. 
Top tip
Make the time to learn marketing strategy (and how social and other channels fit in). Learn everything you can about business, the language of the boardroom and how to translate what you do in those terms, especially when fighting for more budget/resource). Set boundaries, being ‘always on’ is not sustainable in the long term. Realise your worth, don’t work anywhere awful.
Anything else?
You’ll always need a good amount of platform knowledge but don’t waste time trying to keep up with every change/feature/quirk of every platform. You’ll never get there, as there are armies of developers constantly working on new stuff and new platforms emerging all the time. Best practice constantly evolves. Even if you did somehow manage it, you’d be taking your eye off other more critical tasks and eating up your energy. Don’t get drawn into that game. Understand what your brand/client is really trying to achieve and then (only then) go out and find the best ways to do it.
If you’re interested in sharing your experiences as a SMM, please reply to this email or DM me on Instagram.
Your favourite meme of the week
That’s it. That’s my newsletter! I’m off to enjoy a long weekend now; please send me “no PR crisis” vibes.
Remember, my DMs are always open. Send me your secrets and confessions, or just let me know a little about you and your life as a social media manager. I’ll keep it all safe. Before publishing it on the internet, of course.
Work in social they said. It’ll be fun, they said.
Peace out ✌️
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The MUST-READ newsletter for busy social media managers.
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