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Work Futures - Something We Can't See Coming

| Job interview of the future | Earnin | Majority of older US workers get 'aged out' | Humu and nudge

Work Futures

January 2 · Issue #1052 · View online
The ecology of work, and the anthropology of the future.

| Job interview of the future | Earnin | Majority of older US workers get ‘aged out’ | Humu and nudge theory | Head, Heart, and Hands of Transformation | Could versus Should | Lordstown and GM’s decline | Corporate Rebel’s Top of 2018 |

Beacon NY - 2019-01-02 — Now back to our regular broadcasting.
New News!
I have launched two investigative series at Work Futures:
  • Work Talk is a planned interview series, where we will talk with thinkers, practitioners, authors, and makers, leaders in the realm of organizational change and new ways of work. I expect two or more Work Talk pieces per month. I am at work on interviews of Esko Kilpi and Brian Solis for January.
  • Work Walk takes an investigative approach to the future of work, ranging from company visits, product demos, book reviews, and original and secondary research. I plan at least one Work Walk piece per month.
Paying member will receive access to all this material, as well as membership in a Work Futures Slack community. Members will also receive discounts to other events, reports, and activities.
To sign up, visit this page.
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The Job Interview of the Future Is Already Here | Pilita Clark has taken a McKinsey hiring ‘test’, which is some sort of ecologically-oriented Minecraft built by Imbellus, a firm founded by a Harvard dropout Rebecca Kantar. The company has raised $23 million so far in a quest to update knowledge-based testing with skills-based testing. Hmmm.
Earnin raises $125M to help workers track and cash out wages in real time | Kate Clark talks to Ram Palaniappan, the founder of Earnin, a financial app that allows workers to get paid ahead of their payroll date through a pay-it-forward model: other users provide 'tips’ to Earnin that are used to front others money. Kind of a strange, altruistic model that appears to be working, however.
If You’re Over 50, Chances Are the Decision to Leave a Job Won’t Be Yours | Peter Gosselin looks into the evidence that 56 percent of US workers over 50 are laid off at least once, or are 'pushed out’ of work, and are financially damaged as a result. I’ll call this 'aging out’.
Firm Led by Google Veterans Uses A.I. to ‘Nudge’ Workers Toward Happiness | Daisuke Wakabayashi profiles Humu, leveraging Nobel-laureate Richard Thayer’s nudge theory to help workers make bertter decisions, and be happier at work. Lazlo Bock, Google’s former head of people operations is a founder.
The Head, Heart, and Hands of Transformation | Jim Hemerling , Julie Kilmann , and Dave Matthews of Boston Consulting Group use Microsoft as a case study in their 'head, heart, hands’ model of transformation. There is a full report, as well.
Francesca Gino on Could versus Should | I add some thoughts to an HBR piece by Francesca Gino on improving decision making by creating impediments to rapid consensus and certainty, like dissent.
GM’s decline truly began with its quest to turn people into machines | Gwynn Guilford write a deep and long chronicle of the decline of GM, starting with the 1972 Lordstown Strike where the automaker tried to respond to the threat of small German and Japanese imports, and failed. NOte: this is the same plant that GM shut down in late 2018. GM tried to speed up production in 1972, and crashed on the Vega, a disaster for GM. Also mentions the Eliot Richardson 1972 Work in America report that argued that industrial efficiency was 'dehumanizing work’. A must read.
The Future Of Work: 2018’s Top Articles | The Corporate Rebels pick the best of 2018. #1 is on my list too, The End of Bureacracy by Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini which describes Zhang Ruimin’s innovations at Haier in depth. They also single out an article on Frederik Laloux’s Teal organization theory: Bursting The Bubble: Teal Ain’t Real.
Quote of the Day
We have a hard time getting out of the way of something we can’t see coming.
| Buckminster Fuller
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