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How Zhang Ruimin upended bureaucracy, AI is smarter than lawyers, AI is creating new fragrances, ther

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October 31 · Issue #1022 · View online
The ecology of work, and the anthropology of the future.

How Zhang Ruimin upended bureaucracy, AI is smarter than lawyers, AI is creating new fragrances, there still aren’t enough women in senior roles, more unrest at Alphabet over sexual harassment

Beacon NY - 2018-10-31 — Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini write the definitive description of Zhang Ruimin’s revolutionary work at Haier. I plan a longer response.
It all short takes today, because I am heads down writing a report on work technology for GigaOm.
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Short Takes
The End of Bureaucracy | Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini write a sprawling and detailed article about Haier’s Zhang Ruimin, who upended a failing appliance factory and along the way has discovered a way to end bureaucracy at work. A phenomenal read.
The Scent of an AI | An AI to create new perfumes?. Of course.
While about 99% of the AI-generated fragrances were not good, there were several that stood out in a good way. Symrise would then treat these novel scents as it would any human-created scent: by having a panel of human experts rate them. That feedback was then fed back into the system, which is how the results got better in an iterative manner.
As it was working through the development of Phlyra, Symrise was lucky enough to be approached by Brazil-based O Boticário, one of the largest beauty companies in the world. The companies worked together to develop a pair of perfumes that are gaining rave reviews, including the “fresh, fruity, floral” perfume, as well as a men’s cologne marked by a “smoky sensual, gourmand character.”
“We were all there when we presented it to them,” Atel says. “We got a standing ovation. They were stunned by the creativity that the system had generated. To be honest, we presented variations on the AI-generated fragrances that were ‘corrected’ by perfumers, myself and another, and the AI-generated fragrance won. It was the one that was most interesting and innovative.”
‘The Onlys’: There Still Aren’t Enough Women at the Table| Corporate America has made almost no progress in increasing women’s representation in the workplace for the fourth year in a row, a new study by and McKinsey finds.
Alphabet Executive Resigns After Harassment Accusation | Richard DeVaul resigned from X Unit of Alphabet after accusations of sexual harassment. CEO Sundar Pichai admitted Tuesday that the company’s apology ‘wasn’t enough’.
Women at Google, upset at the company’s handling of accusations against Mr. DeVaul as well as other executives, plan to stage a walkout on Thursday with more than 1,000 people planning to leave Google’s offices in protest.
From the Archives
Work Futures Daily - Overwork Death Cult | 30 April 2018 | Sounds like a heavy metal band, but it’s just another theme in the work futures world of discourse
Quote of the Day
Most of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to get their work done.
| Peter Drucker
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