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Words to Live By (a newsletter by @karmicangel) - Issue #3

Words to Live By (a newsletter by @karmicangel)
Words to Live By (a newsletter by @karmicangel)
This is a question I get all the time from other writers, from interviewers, from friends, and from family: how many stories do you have on the go?

🔍Angela Misri 🐾
Writing up my next newsletter about writing multiple things at the same time and I could use some crowdsource data (so please answer and RT!) #amwriting #writerslife

How many stories do you have on the go right now?
I ran a bit of a Twitter poll and my findings were in-line with my own experience (and those in my writer’s groups). TBH, I was more surprised that there were people who only wrote one story at a time!
The truth is that having a few stories on the go helps my writing process in a bunch of ways:
  1. When you get stuck on one story, you can switch gears and still feel like you’re getting some writing done.
  2. Publishing is a looooooooog process, so while one story is languishing in a pile on a publisher’s desk, other stories can keep you warm and happy.
  3. Invariably, while you’re writing a story you will have an idea for a new story, and denying yourself that initial burst of excitement for something shiny is such a waste. Grab onto that excitement and run with it!
So instead of fighting with yourself for focus (especially in pandemic times) be kind to yourself and your muse. Try it! And let me know how it goes.
Next time: to agent or not to agent
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Words to Live By (a newsletter by @karmicangel)
Words to Live By (a newsletter by @karmicangel)

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