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The Dreaded Comparison Trap (Issue #5 of a newsletter by @karmicangel)

Words to Live By (a newsletter by @karmicangel)
Words to Live By (a newsletter by @karmicangel)
We’ve all been there: a certain writer friend seems to be all over the news - nominated for all the awards, reviewed well in all the right places, landing the big deals. Before you hit that “hide all posts” option over your successful friend, let’s break this little-green-feeling down.

Public support (private feelings)
Look, how you feel is how you feel. Who knows what personal battles you’ve fought to get your work published and recognised. You have every right to be jealous, but for the sake of the readers, the community (and your own sanity) allow yourself the feelings and then move on.
Your turn will come
If it hasn’t happened already for you as a writer, it will! Like everything else in life, writing has its ups and downs. At some point, you will have something awesome to announce, and you will get to be the centre of attention, and yes, all your writer friends that you’ve been watching and supporting and feeling a little jealous of will come out of the woodwork to congratulate you.
The ups and downs of creating.
The ups and downs of creating.
A high tide floats all books
When you are riding high, share the altitude with as many other writers as you can. Drop names in interviews. Share the spotlight with other books. Be appreciative of the attention and turn the focus back to your peers who might be feeling low. Trust me, this pays off in so many ways.
The main thing I’ve learned after almost a decade of publishing is that jealousy can not only damage your relationships but it can be corrosive to your craft. We’re driven to success, but success is not a continuous fountain. It’s more like those ground fountains that spout water from different spots: when someone else’s fountain bursts forth, be thankful the water is still flowing and that someday soon, it will be your turn.
Next time: who are you writing for?
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Words to Live By (a newsletter by @karmicangel)
Words to Live By (a newsletter by @karmicangel)

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