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How to celebrate books (that come out in a pandemic)

Words to Live By (a newsletter by @karmicangel)
Words to Live By (a newsletter by @karmicangel)
It’s truly a first-world problem when you have a second book coming out during a pandemic year. On the one hand, a book you’ve worked hard to create is going to be a real thing you can hold in your hands! On the other hand, you can’t sign those books to real fans who lined up to meet you and find out more about their favourite characters. You can’t walk into your favourite bookstore and find your precious work on display on tables amongst authors you’ve admired forever.

So how do we find the joy?
Make sure you tell your friends and family so they can make a big deal of your big deal. My husband often points out that I’m great at marketing outside of the house and bad at doing it inside. Celebrations require more than one happy face in the room, so if you are lucky enough to have a bubble, make that bubble part of your book fete.
Virtual book launches can’t be exactly like the physical ones (and they shouldn’t be). Just as there are elements of an in-person book launch that cannot be replicated, the same can be said of virtual ones. Invite the fans who would never have been able to attend in person. Give out prizes for the person who Zooms in from farthest away! Have fun with those backgrounds and filters.
Capture the moment and get others to do the same. I don’t know about you, but I have a folder in my photos called “book launches” that I love to look back at. It’s the kind of thing that gives you the push you need when you’re going through your draft for the umpteenth time and at that part of the process when you are doubting everything about yourself as a writer. Capture these moments in virtual and non-virtual ways. Get people who love you to take pictures with your books and post them. Reward your fans for tagging you in pics with your books. Enjoy these photos and save them. Someday when we’re back outside we’ll look back at these moments and remember that we made the most of these important moments in our book’s life cycle.
How are you making a big deal of your next book launch? Or even better, how are you helping another writer/illustrator/creator celebrate their big book birthday?
Next time: how many stories are too many?
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Words to Live By (a newsletter by @karmicangel)
Words to Live By (a newsletter by @karmicangel)

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