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Who needs inspiration, anyway? Studio Miranda Issue #15

Well, I can confirm that Edinburgh is indeed All That – all the yarn, all the people, all the connect
Studio Miranda
Who needs inspiration, anyway? Studio Miranda Issue #15
By Studio Miranda  • Issue #15 • View online
Well, I can confirm that Edinburgh is indeed All That – all the yarn, all the people, all the connections. All the overwhelm. It was wonderful but exhausting, and since I started out pre-exhausted, I came home with the nagging feeling that I really hadn’t made the most of it. Maybe I “should” be tanked up with inspiration and raring to go, but you know? I still only have 24 hours in the day, and most of them are already spoken for. 
I’m telling you this because Nadia wrote about much the same problem, and I know we’re not the only ones to struggle with that sense of letting ourselves down when we’re not buzzing with creative energy. So this is me putting it out there. Sometimes that’s just not where you’re at. And that’s ok. Creativity doesn’t need you to be On all the time, and “inspiration” is kind of bullshit, frankly. (Don’t get me started.) Sometimes you need to be still. Sometimes you need to just keep doing the work. You’ll figure it out. 

Inspiration vs motivation
Way more helpful than inspiration
BeFunky photo editor/collage maker
In a recent issue I told you I was trying this workaround for hiding pinnable graphics in Squarespace, and would let you know how it’s working; well, it’s working fine… I think. Sometimes my graphics appear later as broken images in Pinterest, but then when I visit again, they’re fine. So I think that might be more about my browser than anything else? 
And finally
LITW reviewed in Knitty!
Now, for all my cynicism about inspiration, the fact is I have come back from Edinburgh with a full bag of ideas and new projects. (As if I didn’t have enough of those already.) So I’m going to get to work on those now. Most excitingly for me, I’m playing with colour again – combining colours is basically my favourite thing ever. Let’s see what I come up with. 
Happy making!
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