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What to do and what not to do in 2017: Studio Miranda Issue #10

That's a fairly heavyhanded title, isn't it? A bit bullying, frankly. Truthfully I wouldn't dare tell
Studio Miranda
What to do and what not to do in 2017: Studio Miranda Issue #10
By Studio Miranda  • Issue #10 • View online
That’s a fairly heavyhanded title, isn’t it? A bit bullying, frankly. Truthfully I wouldn’t dare tell you what to do – even if I had it all figured out for myself, what’s right for me might not be right for anyone else. But today’s links fall under two broad themes. And one of them involves doing; the other – well, let’s start there.

Bad advice for the New Year
In January, everyone’s got an opinion on how you should change your life. Here’s mine: don’t. As much as I love New Year introspection and goal-setting, I hate the implicit assumption that you need fixing. I hate the “self-improvement” agenda. And it doesn’t work. Telling yourself that you basically suck and need to sort out everything from your body to your work habits? Please. You’re fine. And all that advice you’re getting? Well…
Growing a sustainable business is a sloooow process. That tantalising image of glittering success held out by these self-styled gurus will leave you feeling like a failure, even if you’re building a solid foundation. Just as the promise of super-effective time management makes you feel like crap simply for not being able to function at 100% every waking minute. Also, frankly? All those e-courses and worksheets and podcasts take time. Time you could be spending doing the thing. Go do your thing. 
And good advice for political action
The creative sphere is positively exploding with powerful acts of resistance. Well, what did you expect? Creative doesn’t just mean artistic! I’m just going to leave you with a bunch of links. Things to do, and things to be inspired by.
Knit for the Pussyhat Project
Help Resist magazine
…and remember that using craft for protest isn't new.
Nasty Women are exhibiting around the world!
And craft can be a quiet form of protest.
Your art matters to your well-being, too.
That’s a lot of calls to action, but don’t think that your creativity isn’t important unless it’s political. You matter. Your making matters. Also important, now more than ever: supporting other women artists. 
Creating in Dark Times
Knitting, crocheting and jam-making improve mental health
Women Who Draw
And finally
I talk to Cottage Notebook!
Die Goldene Stricknadel
Till next time – happy knitting!
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