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What little I can do: Studio Notes #58

Studio Miranda
What little I can do: Studio Notes #58
By Studio Miranda  • Issue #58 • View online
I wasn’t planning on writing again this year, but after last night’s UK election results, I’ve chosen to do a little fundraising. All pattern proceeds for the weekend will be donated to the Trussell Trust (which provides food banks) and to Refugees at Home (which provides accommodation and other support for refugees). That’s the full price, on all of my patterns (including, for simplicity’s sake, Mokita). If you take advantage of the 4-for-3 offer, I’ll donate the price of all 4 patterns.
Why these organisations? Because they are working to protect people from the effects of Tory rule. Quite honestly there are other effects that I’m as concerned about – the spread of alt-right politics. The disintegration of Europe. But I don’t have a simple way to contribute to resisting those. That will take a lot more work and I am not sure where to start. So I’m just starting with a small fundraising effort, because it makes me feel a tiny bit less hopeless.
I have a few new readers, I know. Hi! Yes, it does get a little political here sometimes. Usually not as specific as this. But politics is very personal these days, and I can’t separate it from the other things I write about (besides my designs): empowerment through craft; creativity through a feminist lens; my own life and ponderings. I won’t be hurt if you unsubscribe, but if you stick around, maybe you’ll find it pretty interesting. And, you know. Pattern discounts!

What's on my mind
Today’s collection of links has a certain theme, you’ll notice. One I admit I have touched on before: productivity and whether we should really care about it as much as we do. This comes to you at the end of a difficult year; I have all kinds of feelings about all kinds of things I haven’t done, and am not sure if I even want to do any more. Maybe I’m just trying to rationalise away my guilt. But I do believe we could all stand to be a bit more gentle on ourselves.
And finally
Although my mind and my hands have been empty for far too long, the itch to knit is slowly coming back. I am dreaming of pretty new designs that may or may not show up in this letter some time. Not very soon. But some time. I just want you to know that. And to know that I’m extremely grateful to all of you for reading, sticking around, sending me your little notes of encouragement. Mwah!
I wish you all the coziness the best December can bring, and all the fresh energy of the best January. And I wish myself that too, frankly. I’ll see you in 2020.
Happy making!
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