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Through all crises: Studio Notes 59

Studio Miranda
Through all crises: Studio Notes 59
By Studio Miranda  • Issue #59 • View online
Well. Well. I did not expect to be writing to you again in the middle of all… this. I let this newsletter languish as I wallowed in self-pity, and now the world is changing around us in ways we won’t really see for a long time, and all my navel-gazing seems amazingly irrelevant.
I’m not going to write about the state of things. There’s more than enough of that around. I’m going to share a few joyful, creative, affirming links below, none of which has anything to do with the virus, but first – since home schooling is the order of the day – let me invite you to learn something.

Since a lot of people are keen to learn brioche but a little intimidated, and since a lot of people suddenly have some extra time on their hands, I’m doing an MKAL. I’m a bit nervous about it actually, because I’ve never done that before, and also I haven’t actually finished the scarf myself yet. Whoops. Super unprofessional. But look, lockdown is NOW, waiting six weeks to get it all done and edited and tested is just too much waiting. So I’m doing this on the fly. Every lesson is being edited and tested! I just have to stay one step ahead of the rest of you…
Anyway so the idea is, you grab 2-3 colours of yarn (or more) and cast on. I’ll teach you how to brioche, starting from the very basics and working up (in very detailed lessons) to fancy shaping and so on. You’ll be making a kind of sampler scarf (but the design is, I think, fairly coherent, it’s not just one thing after another). Lessons will be released every week, starting this Wednesday. Join in by adding the pattern to your Ravelry library, and you’ll get each update as it is published. You can chat about it (yarn choices, questions etc) in the group, or on social media using the tag #LockdownBriocheSchool, or just knit quietly by yourself, it’s all good.
The pattern is free, because I don’t need the money, but a lot of other people really do. Instead of paying me, if you’re not worrying about money yourself, I’d gently encourage you to send a donation to your local hunger relief charity (Trussell Trust is great for food banks in the UK; Food4Kids is helping in the US; I am sure there are many more I don’t know about). Maybe also think about buying yarn for this from one of the dyers who’s lost sales from a cancelled event this spring. Or buy another pattern from a full-time designer. Someone recently randomly treated me to a pattern from my wish list – she wanted to support designers but didn’t need anything herself. Isn’t that the sweetest idea? Double the kindness! (Thank you again, Cheryl!)
Virus-free linkage!
Gorgeous embroidery portraits
Beth's Shawl pattern
Cooking with Wool: Breakfast
Cooking with Wool: Breakfast
We’re all cooking more now, but none of us do it as adorably as this.
And finally
You may get heartily sick of these words over the next while, but there’s no better motto for these times than Elizabeth Zimmerman’s advice: “Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises.” I have absolute confidence that we’ll come through this incredibly weird time (and I’m very grateful that we have knitting to help us). I even have hope that this crisis may force a reset on those socio-economic systems that have been failing us so badly for so long. I admit I have a lot of fear, too, for how painful that reset may be – and it’s far from certain that things will change in the right ways – but still: I have hope.
So I wish you, not happy, but hopeful knitting. Hang in there.
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