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The storm before the calm: Studio Notes #43

Studio Miranda
The storm before the calm: Studio Notes #43
By Studio Miranda  • Issue #43 • View online
It’s pouring outside and I’ve just heard a roll of thunder – always a mood lifter. Especially since I was expecting days of drizzle, instead of one big storm. This is excellent news. Storms are intrinsically awesome, of course, but also, when it’s done then it’s DONE. Curtain up on a sparkling fresh world, all clean and shiny. 
And I’m ready to take that as an omen, thank you, because I’m having a major wibble about starting a new job (full-time, ugh) just as my youngest is having a rough patch with his friends. So instead of being excited about having a proper grown-up job at last – I’ve only been looking for four sodding years – I’m panicking about an exciting range of childcare issues, ranging from logistics, quality and expense to the children’s emotional needs. But it’s all going to be fine, right? It’ll be a big storm of change… and then sunshine. Right? Hm. 

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And finally
Thanks for reading! Here’s the bad news: with my new job, I’m not likely to have time to keep up fortnightly letters. I don’t like writing less often, but I have my limits. (Look at me, practising self-empathy with my goal-setting! So that’s how it’s done!) So you’ll next hear from me a month from now… and we’ll see how that goes. 
Happy making!Robynn
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