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The cruellest month: Studio Notes #42

Studio Miranda
The cruellest month: Studio Notes #42
By Studio Miranda  • Issue #42 • View online
My phone is off for repairs, and it’s agony. I literally can’t cope without a smartphone these days, not because I’m addicted to social media (though, yes), but because WhatsApp is the key to organising my life and my kids’ lives, and I don’t even know who’s going to be texting me. So I bought a cheap phone to use in the meanwhile, and it’s a piece of crap that needs repairs itself. The whole thing could be viewed as a lesson in my dependence on technology and how I need to be more creative in finding solutions, but frankly, who has the energy?
Not me, not while I have a cold and a weight on my mind that stems from various pressing uncertainties. Uncertainty is the hardest thing for me to deal with. I can cope with bad news, I can cope with big change, but I do not deal well with uncertainty, and this has been going on for months. So every new thing that comes up – the phone problems; the head cold – feels, quite illogically, like a new outcropping of the same fundamental Wrongness that is all this uncertainty. I can’t concentrate on anything. My productivity is in pieces. Can somebody please just let me know when it’s all over? I’ll be hiding under the duvet. I have a couple of things to keep you busy meanwhile.  

Lessons learned
What I Wish I’d Known Before Starting Design*Sponge
Other people doing good stuff
And finally
I’ve started a new Project: updating my early patterns to match my current style (taking in everything I’ve learned about clarity and usability in the meanwhile). I’ll also be getting some of the best sellers translated into German, starting with Elfbaby. Any requests for which should be the next Anleitung auf Deutsch? 
We’re heading into school holidays now and I’ll be taking a newsletter break; see you in mid-May.
Happy making!Robynn
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