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Studio Miranda - Issue #2

Good morning! *yawn* I'm a bit sleepy... let's see if I can perk up with some brain food.
Studio Miranda
Studio Miranda - Issue #2
By Studio Miranda  • Issue #2 • View online
Good morning! *yawn* I’m a bit sleepy… let’s see if I can perk up with some brain food.

Knit smarter
Andi Sutterland says please knit a swatch
Show us the money
“Sponsored” by my husband
The subject of income from knitting is a remarkably sticky one. While designing is often a side gig, and I do believe it’s vital to talk about the support – and privilege – behind the scenes, there certainly are designers who support themselves and even their families through their work. It’s a small group, however, and most of them will have other income streams – teaching, for instance. Which makes the #FairFiberWage conversation all the more important. Thankfully, I think this subject is going to be with us for a while. Here’s a great article on what started it all from Craft Industry Alliance, and this breakdown of the numbers for running an event is also extremely informative. Abby Franquemont (who has written the biggest posts on the payment issue, linked above) has also run down a few different options for running and pricing classes.
And finally
The best kids' book for knitters
Okay. I’ve got a busy day ahead – time to crack on. Happy Tuesday, everyone!
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