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Let's Twist Again: Studio Notes 46

Studio Miranda
Let's Twist Again: Studio Notes 46
By Studio Miranda  • Issue #46 • View online
The last little while has been pretty intense, both personally and, well, you know. Amid all the chaos, I am so very grateful for knitting. Surprise twist: I found myself relaxing even more while doing the seaming. What?! I’ve never been a fan of seaming! And, okay, I’m still not. But whereas I can knit away on even complex cables without paying much attention, sewing up forces me to really slow down. To look at the work and take my time. And apparently that’s something I’ve really been in need of.
Plus, while you sew up you get to admire the beauty of what you’re making, and how neatly it all comes together, and that is just a freaking delight.

My new release, Twist Again, doesn’t have much seaming (just the sleeves and shoulders) but is definitely an example of everything coming together. There’s the wide V neck, framed by that flattering V cable. There’s the long sleeve cable flowing over the shoulder. And there’s the perfect balance of the cable panel with the bias ribbing, creating a beautiful but forgiving fit. It’s richly detailed but not too heavy, not too overwhelming; if you like big fancy cables, I not-so-humbly submit this is just fancy enough.
It also happens to mark 10 years since Knitty published my very first design, Twist & Shout. (Ahhh… so now you get the name!) Also a big purple cable thing; also using bias fabric for a great fit. I had a lot of fun taking the same idea in a new direction. For my lovely readers, I’m offering 40% off Twist Again with the code 10YEARSTWISTED.
Also, there’s a KAL happening – will you, won’t you, will you, won’t you, will you join the dance? (Sorry. Wrong song. I was imprinted with nonsense poetry at a very early age.)
Thoughtful stuff
Useful stuff
Ravelry has a highly customisable events search function (by location and much more). It’s not new, but somehow I’d missed it. Clara Parkes also maintains an international events calendar. Neither of these can possibly hope to be complete (hello… there’s the whole freaking world to cover!) but they’re both excellent resources and might give you some very enticing holiday ideas.
And finally
I have another design coming out next month – but you’ll have to sign up right now if you want it. It’s for the Knitting Goddess’s November shawl club (yes, you can still join the club this late in the year!) and it’s a fun scarf/shawl designed for a gradient set plus one contrast colourway. I can’t give too much away, but I can tell you the inspiration is thunderstorms, it combines very simple lace and texture patterns, and I’ve been wearing it every day.
Also, speaking of the Knitting Goddess – and of fun, simple, dramatic shawl designs – I had the pleasure of producing Joy’s latest pattern collection and it is solid. Gold.
Happy knitting!
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