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Lace and light: Studio Notes #61

Studio Miranda
Lace and light: Studio Notes #61
By Studio Miranda  • Issue #61 • View online
My newest design uses a very, very simple – even boring – reversible lace repeat, and an amazing yarn, to create a scarf that’s luxurious and beautiful, but restrained enough for office wear. It’s inspired by the glow of sunset light reflected on city skyscrapers; I incorporated blocks of “windows” as well as the skyline silhouette, which makes the beginning and end the most interesting parts of the knit!

About yarn choice. You may have seen a lot of discussion recently about yarn recommendations, specifically the way in which patterns using expensive yarns are seen as excluding knitters on a lower budget. I’ve shared some thoughts on this subject, including why designers often use these yarns, and how you can find a good alternative on your own. For this pattern, I actually didn’t use yarn support. I used a very special yarn, Bilum‘s silk/yak blend Muruk, from stash. Why this particular, very spendy yarn? Well, the design concept followed the yarn (an impulse buy, using a gift voucher). The colours made me think of a city sunset, and the dreamy soft, light fibre makes for a wonderful thing to wrap around my neck.
It would be very easy to choose a different yarn though – your options are wide open. Any lace-weight will do (or even a light fingering). I have a short attention span and found that the slow colour shift really helped to keep it interesting for me, but there are cheaper gradient yarns on the market too. I really encourage you to experiment with yarns; again, read my blog post if you’d like some guidance. The pattern’s recommendation should never, never be seen as a must!
You can get Concrete Jungle on Ravelry or Payhip. I’m slowly adding all my patterns to Payhip, for those who are struggling with Rav since the redesign. They are all on Lovecrafts as well (the new one might take a day to show up, though). Using the code CITYLIGHTS will get you 30% off on Ravelry or Payhip, until Sunday night. (Lovecrafts doesn’t support discounts.)
Fun and useful
I know you’re all feeling about as worn down by this year as I am. The coronavirus just won’t stop and even here in Europe, where we seemed to have things largely under control and lockdown is over, numbers are bouncing up again (uh oh) and it’s not at all clear how safe it is to go out and do stuff. Two lovely little online things have come of this, though. One is WindowSwap; just a peek out of somebody else’s window, somewhere in the world. Another is Six Feet of Separation, a “for kids, by kids” quarantine newspaper (read more about it). I love them both.
Wait, that's it?!
Not much going on in this newsletter, is there!? Well, here’s the thing… two things. First, I’m making an effort to step back from social media (I love/hate it so much!), which means I have less chance to find great links to share with you. Second, I’m stepping back from design a bit as well. Honestly, I’m not sure whether you’ll be able to even tell the difference! I still have another two patterns coming out later this year. And I’ll certainly still be designing in future. But I’m taking it less seriously, and that includes putting less time into marketing (which again means social media). I’m sorry that means I have less juicy letters for you; I’ve really enjoyed writing these things. I hope you’ll stick around anyway, because there will certainly be a few interesting titbits in each infrequent issue.
Keep making, look after yourselves, and I’ll see you when I see you.
Happy knitting!
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