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Knitting isn't a job: Studio Miranda Issue #3

I don't know how it is where you are, but here in Zurich it's properly autumn, after a few beautiful
Studio Miranda
Knitting isn't a job: Studio Miranda Issue #3
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I don’t know how it is where you are, but here in Zurich it’s properly autumn, after a few beautiful weeks of Indian summer. Those golden days were stunning, but the rain makes me deeply happy. Autumn wasn’t always my favourite season – I have a soft spot for spring – but since moving here, it really, really is. Yay October!

On the "work" part of creative work
It’s not exactly the easiest way to make money, and nobody’s entitled to make a living from doing what we love. Contrary to myth, when you follow your passion, the money doesn’t necessarily follow. 
You Can’t Make A Living As A Writer…
It seems at times that the biggest growth area in craft work is telling other crafters how to run their businesses. Which, great! We can all use support, and clearly, we all need to diversify. But it feels a little off-balance. Can’t make enough money from design? Sell online classes to teach others to design. (Or whatever. No, I’m not targeting anyone in particular.) The industry is more than a little bloated – I find this a bit uncomfortable. 
Still though, some of the support services on offer are particularly cool – I appreciate efforts like this marketplace directory. I also appreciate the innovation happening in publishing, as designers collaborate and uncover new ways to serve knitters.
Unanimous Craft
6 bits storybooks
Grey still matters
I’m still seeing grey ALL over the place – see these collections from Joji Locatelli and Katya Frankel, just for starters. (I copy edited Katya’s one, and am eyeing up my stash for a possible Double Dutch shawl. It’s rather lovely, no?) If you’re equally charmed by the colour of stone and storm, don’t miss the #prettygreythings competition from notions maker @little__greygirl (until 8 October).  
On stuff
I relate strongly to this post about The End of the Stash. My stash of course is yarn, not fabric, and my reasons for the stash aren’t quite the same; but still. For a long time I’ve been that rare knitter who says, actually, there is such a thing as too much yarn. The stash has become a burden, a to-do list I have no hope of completing. It’s just another battleground between my warring impulses of hoarding and decluttering. I hate having too much stuff. But… some stuff is really worth it. As for instance:
Reliable non-snag stitch markers…
…and row counters
I’m a total convert to row counters, by the way. Never used them before, in 25 years of knitting, because apparently I’m a weird knitting snob who thinks one should be able to read and count one’s knitting. (Took me years to learn the value of stitch markers, also. Silly me.) Happy to report that I’ve seen the error of my ways, and now understand how much time I was wasting by stopping to count all the time. Yay tools! Especially pretty ones. I’m always a sucker for pretty tools.
And finally
I almost forgot – I’ve just released a pattern! Here’s Purzelbaum, a moebius cowl using really gorgeous gradient yarn. For now it’s available only as a kit from – you can buy it at the Swiss Wulle Festival this weekend (I don’t think any of my newsletter readers are local, yet, but do reply and tell me if you’ll be coming!), or on their website from Monday. 
Or there’s still time to join in the test knit… again, email me if you’d like in.
Happy Tuesday!
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