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Studio Miranda
Just playing: Studio Notes #57
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Hello friends! It’s been too long, hasn’t it? I’m sorry. More on that below, but first of all, I have something to show you.
Games Night is a cowl I designed for Miss Babs – using their lovely, bright Yowza DK – and I hope you’ll find it as amusing as I do. It’s inspired by Snakes & Ladders, with colourful blocks like the blocks of a games board, whizzing round and round and ending in a snake’s head (or a simple square finish, if you want something a little more grown-up!).
It’s a pretty straightforward knit, although the instructions are lengthy – just garter stitch, I-cord edging and German short-row shaping. (I love me some short rows. So easy and so satisfying.) You knit the snake in one long spiral, joining as you go, so there’s absolutely no seaming. The best part is that the yarns are carried up the side and hidden away in that I-cord, leaving very few ends to weave in at the end!
It’ll make a great Christmas gift (my kids have already placed their orders). And as usual I have a special discount for my readers: use the code LETSPLAY for 30% off until Sunday night.

How awesome is this photo?! The Miss Babs team really did a great job.
How awesome is this photo?! The Miss Babs team really did a great job.
So where have I been, anyway?
Good question. I’ve not gone anywhere, I just haven’t been doing anything much. Picture me as a video game character with status bar showing dangerously low life. Friends, I haven’t even been knitting. 😱
You know people talk about fallow periods? The idea that you can’t produce all the time; sometimes you need to stay quiet and nurture yourself, and wait for the mojo to return. I’m slightly uncomfortable with this imagery because it still emphasizes production as the end goal (why is it so hard to embrace rest for its own sake?) but let’s go with it.
One thing often recommended for these times is seeking out other forms of creativity. While I haven’t had much energy for, well, anything, I have started tinkering around on the piano (well, keyboard) for the first time since high school. My 6yo is taking keyboard lessons and I found that while supervising his practice, I was really itching to take my turn. So I am. Now, I’m not actually a very musical person. I’m playing at maybe Grade 2 level (never made it past Grade 4), and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to play by ear; but there’s something about the physicality of piano, the work of picking out the notes and training my fingers to remember what I want them to do, that I find amazingly soothing. And the pretty tunes that come out are just a nice bit of positive feedback.
I am someone who finds it really hard to do something just because. I always want to know what it’s good for. I guess that’s a large part of why knitting is my craft of choice: it’s so obviously useful. But doing something just for me, for absolutely no discernible purpose, is really nice too. I highly recommend this.
Anyway, so that’s why I’ve been so quiet. I’ve also been a bit busy with moving house. We’re actual homeowners for the first time in two decades, which is pretty amazing. And there will be CATS. I. Cannot. Wait.
Did you ever see a corner so in need of a cat.
Did you ever see a corner so in need of a cat.
But enough about me
With all of this hermitting, and, well, being unsure of what I’m doing in general and what I have to say, I don’t have a lot of links for you today. Quite honestly, I’m also not sure of when I’ll be back, even though I find this letter works best with a regular structure. All I can say is: I will be back, and I hope you enjoy the little bits I find to share with you, whenever that happens to be. Today’s links definitely reflect some of my recent preoccupations.
And finally
Everybody's scared so dance in the dark
And that’s really all. Thanks for sticking with me! I truly appreciate my space in your inbox.
Happy making,
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