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Good hard is still hard: Studio Notes #44

Studio Miranda
Good hard is still hard: Studio Notes #44
By Studio Miranda  • Issue #44 • View online
My 9yo has recently gotten excited about knitting. She learned years ago (of course) but never quite got hooked. Now, she had to take it up again for school – and is loving it. I can think of a couple of reasons for this. One is the joy of sharing an activity with friends. The other is the joy of mastery, as elaborated in this piece on holidays that actually refresh. There’s vast satisfaction in doing something difficult well – and of course, since she had a head start, she is knitting well. 
I’ve found similar pleasure in my new job. There’s an interesting mix of things I already know I’m good at (writing), things I’m having to learn or apply differently (social media, planning, organising), and things that are challenging in their own right (managing a large and constantly shifting workload that combines proactive and reactive work areas). The first two weeks were overwhelming; now it’s settled down to just intense. But you’ll notice this newsletter is coming to you two weeks later than planned – a full month later than normally scheduled – and that’s why. There hasn’t been any breathing room in my life whatsoever. I didn’t even sit down in front of the TV once for a month. (Thank heavens I can knit on the bus, or I’d be going absolutely spare.)
Since I’ve written a fair bit in this space about the importance of acknowledging one’s limitations and being kind to oneself, I hope you’ll understand that I’m turning this into an “occasional” letter for the time being. I know I’ll have things to share with you, but I don’t know when I’ll have the time or energy to share them. Patience, grasshoppers. This job only lasts till October, anyway. 
And now. To the links! I have collected Quite A Few.

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And finally
A throwaway Twitter comment about the majestic existence of Profanity Embroidery Group netted me some recommendations for these three wonderfully filthy Instagram accounts. You’re welcome. 
Happy making!Robynn
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