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Going dark: Studio Notes #38

Something odd happened last month. I completely fell off the Instagram wagon, in the middle of two ya
Studio Miranda
Going dark: Studio Notes #38
By Studio Miranda  • Issue #38 • View online
Something odd happened last month. I completely fell off the Instagram wagon, in the middle of two yarny challenges. It wasn’t just that I was busy; somehow I just stopped wanting to share things, as well as wanting to take pictures in the first place. Which is odd for me. But I do believe feelings like that – the need to retreat and be quiet – should be respected; the question is now, how do I get back in the groove? I’m supposed to be taking part in a photography course as of next month, which I’m really rather excited about, and supposed to be making 30 photos before that starts. Hm. Hm, I say. 

So this was good to read
This you can use
This is just fun
And finally
I’m reeeeally close to releasing my latest design, which I’m so pleased with. It was a joy to knit (using amazing BFL/Masham yarn from the Knitting Goddess), and is delicious to wear. It’s also a bit quirky, and finding the clearest way to write the pattern has been an adventure. It’s not at all hard to knit – in fact, one of the best things about it is that once you’re properly set up, you barely need to check the pattern – but getting properly set up is the thing! My lovely tech editor and testers have been proving that they’re worth their weight in gold, letting me know where and how to add more clarity. The result, though, is a pattern that specifically invites you to adjust it to your exact body, no maths required, and I think that’s a really big win. 
All will be revealed in my next letter – till then, happy making!
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