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From grey to green

Hello! If you're reading this, you're right with me at the start of this newsletter journey. Let's ha
Studio Miranda
From grey to green
By Studio Miranda  • Issue #1 • View online
Hello! If you’re reading this, you’re right with me at the start of this newsletter journey. Let’s have fun, shall we?

Is grey the new black?
Looking at this pattern collection, I was struck by the dominance of grey – and realised I’ve also seen a lot of indie releases in this colour lately. I wondered if grey were as popular as this suggested, and it turned into a great Twitter conversation. A number of yarn shop owners said no, not at all. Others said yes, definitely; one mentioned it’s particularly popular for baby knitters, which surprised me. 
Some designers pointed out that it’s a smart choice for patterns because it’s easy to substitute and shows stitches well. One knitter suggested it could be related to the trend towards natural, undyed yarn shades. Knit Now editor Kate Heppell said, however, that UK customers don’t respond to grey as well as to colours.  
Personally I can’t seem to get enough of grey, and the responses encouraged me to indulge myself in this further! I mean, just look. 
Grey looks awesome by itself…
…and plays nicely with others!
Hooray for the internet!
It's all about the process… right?!
I blogged yesterday about the creative process, and how hard it can be. I embrace that – mostly. But when you’re in the middle of a hot mess, and on deadline, well. Let’s just say: it helps to hear others go through the same thing.
Notes on Failure
And finally
An important discussion has been happening about teachers’ remuneration for workshops. There’s very little transparency on this subject, which makes it incredibly hard for new teachers to ensure they get a fair deal. And some of those deals are really, really not fair. Some teachers think customers don’t care. I disagree. The knitters I know, in person and online, care a lot about fair treatment for professional crafters. Want to know more?
I have been so enjoying getting back in the swing of things after the summer holidays… but there’s still so much to do. Till next time then, and thank you for reading!
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