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First the blossom, then the snow: Studio Notes #40

So Kadigan's launch was a resounding success – thank you! – and I'm honestly slightly shell-shocked.
Studio Miranda
First the blossom, then the snow: Studio Notes #40
By Studio Miranda  • Issue #40 • View online
So Kadigan’s launch was a resounding success – thank you! – and I’m honestly slightly shell-shocked. While half of me is, I can’t deny, feeling incredibly pleased with myself, the other half is worrying that I’ve somehow used up all my luck and talent on this one thing and it’ll all be downhill from here. What’s that about? Why is it so hard to think: yay, I did good, and I’m still learning so maybe next time I can do even better! Is there some awkward parallel to be drawn with this frustrating last blast of winter bringing us down, just when we were all hoping for spring?
I know I’m not alone in this, which is why I’m putting it out there. Creative women, as a group, are a bit messed up. Prone to imposter syndrome and anxiety. Of course social media doesn’t help; we are constantly comparing our bloopers to everyone else’s highlights reel, and I guess that’s why I make a point of talking about the scary feelings of inadequacy. Instagram is where I post the pretty pictures, my website is mostly for information, but there has to be somewhere to talk about the ugly stuff too. So here I am. But new subscribers, if this confuses you, stick around! It’s not all weird introspection. I’ve got some really nifty links to share. 

This is cool
Emotional Repair by Ruth Singer
This is worth pondering
This you can use
And finally
Photo © Lorna Lynch
Photo © Lorna Lynch
I’m in the middle of swatching for my next design, but design schedules and confidentiality requirements being what they are, there’s a paucity of stuff to show off. I thought instead I might once in a while highlight one of my older patterns. Today, Elfbaby! Elfbaby has a special place in my heart. It was my first paid pattern, and to date the most successful – though Kadigan’s on track to change that. It’s sized from newborn to large adult, it has three different brim options, and the thing I’m proudest of? How many people knit it more than once. One customer with a large family has knit it eight times. There is no truer measure of success. 
Happy making!
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