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Embracing imperfection: Studio Notes #45

Studio Miranda
Embracing imperfection: Studio Notes #45
By Studio Miranda  • Issue #45 • View online
I spent a lot of time recently mending a quilt that had developed a shocking number of holes and rips. I’m not what you’d call a skilled mender. But the family is deeply in love with the new, messily patched version of this quilt. “Homey!” says Armin. “It looks like a quilt that has been through a lot,” says the 9yo, admiringly. It does.
It’s been an odd and bumpy summer, littered with disappointments and slip-ups, and plenty of evidence that I really don’t cope well with an overly full life. I’ve been worn a bit thin and the holes are beginning to show. Now, today, I’m starting the second of my new jobs – the first will continue till October at the latest, plus I have two big design deadlines coming up, so there’s a solid two months before things ease up. You’d think my just-passed summer holiday might have helped, but it didn’t really, for family reasons.
So the game now is to enjoy the messy patches for what they are: part of a busy, lived-in sort of life. If I lose my sodding keys yet again, that doesn’t actually mean I’m useless. If I have to cancel social plans for the sake of my sanity, so be it. If I have to scale back on projects, too bad. Shit happens. I may not feel quite ready to gild the cracks, but I can live with them.

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I was supposed to have a new design to show you soon in an exciting third-party publication, but shit happened. Sample-lost-in-the-post kind of shit. I was heartbroken, but there’s a silver lining: I’ve arranged yarn support for the re-knit from a wonderful dyer I have been longing to work with. So, it’ll take a little time, but be worth the wait. Meanwhile I’m wrapping up the next two releases – hang in there, autumn’s looking pretty cozy!
Happy making!
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