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Challenging: Studio Notes #34

Oh it's that time again, we're all full of fizz and conviction that we can DO stuff. Or not. Sometime
Studio Miranda
Challenging: Studio Notes #34
By Studio Miranda  • Issue #35 • View online
Oh it’s that time again, we’re all full of fizz and conviction that we can DO stuff. Or not. Sometimes that New Year vibe just isn’t happening. That’s ok too, but it’s hard to ignore all the planning and intention setting floating around. I don’t do resolutions, but I am enjoying trying out some new habits – like getting outside first thing every day (well, first thing after packing the kids off to school), for a run or even just a walk. And making lots of beautiful lists in my beautiful planner. (It’s a Moleskine Weekly Notebook – the one with the weekly view on the left page and a blank notes page on the right – as it has been for at least a decade now, and will be as long as they keep making them.) And starting Challenges. 
Are you on the challenge bandwagon too? They’re all over social media, challenges for everything you can think of. My friend Cara says they turn fun into work. But I love them. Turns everything into project management, and that’s deeply satisfying. All those boxes to tick! It’s brilliant. 

Make art every day. Or close enough.
Make Nine. Or more?
Cottage Notebook Writing Challenge
What else?  My own #52recipes challenge requires me to cook a new recipe for every week of the year – but it doesn’t have to be one a week. I did this with a couple of friends last year and we found it a really good way to bring some fun into feeding our families. (Anyone is welcome to join in – do it by yourself, or share your progress on Twitter/Instagram using the hashtag!) 
And I’m posting #365 photos on Insta. Again, I won’t force myself to do one a day… but that’s definitely preferred, because part of the point is to record my actual days, if only in snippets. And to force myself to find something new to show, even if it feels like I’m not doing anything and it’s dark and I can’t get a pretty pic… that’s the challenge part, right? That’s where the creativity comes in. 
And finally
My crafting, like my feminism, is intersectional
I hope that however you spent your holidays, you found some peace and restoration. I hope you are looking forward to 2018, as I am. And I hope you find a little bit of magic every day. Making things helps.
Happy making!
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