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wonder musings issue #08 - sold out collection, spaces, & more.

HELLO wonderful subscribers! Thank you for subscribing! I am looking forward to updating you on all the things I have been working on. Also, if you want to receive a special thank you NFT reply with your tez address.

🛒 real self talk is SOLD OUT!
Thank you to all of my real self talk holders.

So excited to be SOLD OUT 🥳🥳

There are some available on secondary.

This collection means a lot to me, but it will only have 30 total as I now have my $wonder contract.

🌿 sage collection
The sage collection is my most special collection because of how close I am to it and how raw I’ve left it.
Excited to share that we are at day 21! Looking forward to completing this collection by the end of March.
Remember, if you hold 11 or more from the collection (37 total), you will be entered to win up to 5 1/1s that also have a physical painting.
Next drop in the sage collection is tomorrow

All holders will receive an airdrop after the last NFT is listed.

Holders of 11+ sage collection NFTs will enter to win up to 5 1/1s.

Details in thread 🧵
🆕 genesis drop on Async Art
I got accepted to Async Art last August, but took a while before I was ready for my first drop.
I used Async’s 24 hour template for my first one and looking forward to using the blueprints next.
my first drop on @AsyncArt

the mother

updates every hour on a 24 hour cycle

available for .5 $eth
the mother by wondermundo.eth | Async Art
🎙️ Trash {Art} Talk with Trash Empress
We just did episode 3 this week and you can listen to recordings on Twitter. We’ll work on putting these up in a podcast or something.
If you’re interested in being featured in a space or have a topic to recommend, send me a DM!
There’s a new mint on the $wonder contract and wrote a poem or something as the description. Check it out.
👾 pixel sorting collection on Versum
There are still several NFTs from my recent pixel sorting collection available on Versum.
sorting skeletons has sold out but still have the following available!
this beauty is available on @versum

sorting beauty
do you see her?
sorting wondermundo
she's hidden behind the glitches if you look closely

5/5 available on @versumofficial
5 $tezos $xtz
🔥 get your emoji reading before 4/1
Heard that after 4/1 all editions on the Genesis contract on fxhash will be burned so get yours now!
Have you gotten a 🔮 emoji reading yet?

Available through Monday on @fx_hash_

2 $tezos
🔚 odds and ends
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wondermundo @wondermundo

Hidden part walking into their own story 🖼️
#smolgang #squidgang #spudgang #wondermundo

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