wonder musings issue #06 - a chapter closes



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HELLO wonderful subscribers! Thanks for being patient in between newsletters. I’ve had a lot going on and happy to share updates with you.

🎓 Graduated from my DBT program
One of the many things I had going on was doing DBT, dialectal behavioral therapy, and happy to say I’ve officially graduated from the program.
I was spending Monday-Thursday there from 9am-12pm after spending 35 days inpatient treatment. I’m ready for the real work to begin. I’m a little nervous but I know I got this.
Graduated from DBT today and got another keychain.

This one has the sage logo on one side and a quote on the other.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Thank you all for being here and supporting me as I go through this journey. https://t.co/S7KjVrIyk5
This also means that I will have more time for my art and the NFT community. The last 60 days have been life changing and I am going to continue that by leaving my corporate job. I want to give myself the chance to try to make it on my own. Being my own boss is something that has always been a dream of mine.
Wish me luck! I’ve got a year to try :)
🦸 wondermundo custom contract
Last time I shared I was going to mint on my new custom contract soon. Glad to say that I have started a new collection, wonder dreams.
I’ve minted two on there, one sold and this one is still available.
I will only be minting on this contract on Opensea going forward.
Minted on my own contract

signal received
the signal has been restored so that she can purge everything that kills her soul

https://t.co/53VayWL2ms https://t.co/njpQjtNiU4
🆕 NEAR curation
I got asked to be on the NEAR Curator’s DAO and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m having fun curating art on Near and helping new artists onboard.
I wrote a blog post if you’re interested to learn more.
I joined the NEAR Curator’s DAO - wondermundo
🆕 genesis on fxhash
Ngl, I spent an entire day figuring out how to do this for fxhash but it was so worth it to be able to drop my genesis on the platform.
Check out my drop NFT luchadoras.
120/200 have been minted so far
Super excited to share that I've minted my first NFT and generative art on @fx_hash_

Meet a NFT luchadora

200/200 available for 2 $tezos in 3ish hours. https://t.co/Hamy7MEO2C
👀 sage collection update
The sage collection is going along great. I made a roadmap (that needs updating) to help collector’s see where we are in the drop.
This one has exciting rewards for collectors who hold 11 pieces or more.
You’ll be entered into a raffle for a chance to win 1 of 5 different 1x1s that were from paintings I made during treatment.
Does this count as a roadmap? 😊

If you’re a sage collection holder or want to collect check this out.

Currently on drop 13. https://t.co/39tObJpfeG
🆕 drops on versum
I am still very much enjoying Versum. Almost sold out of the 5 drops I have on there.
It reminds me of early hen so I am dropping experimental work from me there.
Some of my work on @versum

breaking through
seeing through the chaos, she begins to see the color that exists outside her only world.

3/5 available
1 $tezos https://t.co/iCYsUZwOti
🆕 drop on objkt.com
If you’ve followed me long enough you know that I am a fan of Marian art. I have several NFTs that feature la virgen de guadalupe and have been in a mood wanting to explore that more.
this is now minted and listed on @objktcom

the desert journey
this journey isn't easy but it is beautiful in the most raw way possible.

10/11 available
2 $tezos $xtz

Link 👇👇 https://t.co/PuWvN5GjKJ
🔚 odds and ends
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wondermundo @wondermundo

Hidden part walking into their own story 🖼️
#smolgang #squidgang #spudgang #wondermundo

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