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wonder musings issue #04 - happy new year!

Thank you all for the warm welcome back! I am super happy to be back and looking forward to sharing more of my experience with you. And HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🥳🥳🥳

🗺️ Where was wondermundo?
I keep joking around with friends that I was getting a new brain during my time away from everything and everyone I knew.
Read more about where I was in this Tweet
wondermundo.eth/.tez 🦁 🦑 #famjam
I’m back after 35 days in a mental health treatment center.

No 📶, 📺, 🎶, 📱, 💻 or iPad.

Almost left once (I tried 5-7 times) bc I said I needed my iPad for art.

I was sent to the art room & prompted to create how I was feeling.

This is what came out

Thread 👇🏼 🧵1/5
🆕 collection - the Sage collection
The Sage collection are drawings made during my time at a mental health treatment center. I’m digitizing each one and adding finishing touches to blend the physical with digital.
wondermundo.eth/.tez 🦁 🦑 #famjam
Tomorrow I start a dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) intensive outpatient program

I fought the idea at first. How could I spend another 5 weeks going in 1/2 day for 4 days a week!?

Lost that battle with myself and drew this wondermundo the next day

24/25 available .555 $xtz
the sage collection on
I’ve released 2 in the collection. Look out for more! I plan to have them available for 28 hours before I 🔥🔥 them. Burning them is a part of my processing my experience emotionally.
📰 news
wondermundo.eth/.tez 🦁 🦑 #famjam
📣 updates now that I've had some time to settle in

1⃣ newsletter going out this weekend, subscribe for a chance to win a 1/1

2⃣no new $eth mints until next year on my own contract

3⃣ minting more on $tezos. no longer minting on hen right now only on @objktcom & @kalamint_io
Check out my end of year spotlight Tweets
wondermundo.eth/.tez 🦁 🦑 #famjam
In 2022, I will not be minting to this collection

I’m going to spotlight a couple of my faves & share any relisted

🧵collection on @opensea🧵

This was the first nft I sold

They see me, but there’s no signal, only memories that I’m not even sure are mine.

more 👇🏼
wondermundo.eth/.tez 🦁 🦑 #famjam
🧵 hen collection 🧵

I won't be minting new things on hen but will still collect from artists. New mints will be on @objktcom or @kalamint_io

This was my first mint on $tezos $xtz so it will always have a special spot with me.

just another video game
🔚 odds and ends
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wondermundo @wondermundo

Hidden part walking into their own story 🖼️
#smolgang #squidgang #spudgang #wondermundo

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