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wonder musings issue #03

Hi all! Thank you for subscribing! This week has been quite a doozy, but excited to share what’s going on with wondermundo.

Sh!t my Mexican family says
This is a new series I started on hice et nunc this week.
I’ve always wanted to capture some of the stuff I grew up believing. Some I know logically are not true but are so ingrained in me.
I remember being scared the first time I decided to eat a banana at night and see what happened.
the first in the series. airdropped to my top 10 collectors on hice et nunc. 10/10
the first in the series. airdropped to my top 10 collectors on hice et nunc. 10/10
Series details
  • 10 NFTs
  • 19/20 eds available for 24 hours
  • .5 $xtz 
  • last edition will be given away
Check out the one available now, food edition #02
Glitch banners
I was super honored when the legendary glitch artist Dawnia, letsglitchit asked me if I wanted to be part of the Glitch Banner mass collaboration.
Why? Well, I didn’t really consider myself a glitch artist because I don’t use traditional tools. I felt like an imposter. How could I be up there with real glitch artists?
Dawnia told me it didn’t matter if I used traditional tools or Photosmosh or a glitch app on my phone, it’s still glitch aesthetic and it’s about the mentality. Without those words, I am not sure I would have continued exploring as much as I have and continue to do.
This is my banner and it’s available on Opensea for .07
// behind the glitch //
// behind the glitch //
500+ banners (more drops to come)
4 dozen glitch artists
See the entire collection here.
New blog post - NFT tips for new artists
A couple of weeks ago I asked this on my timeline
wondermundo.eth/.tez 🦁 🦑 #famjam
If you could go back to day 1 in NFTs and tell yourself one thing you know now what would that be?
I got so many great responses from the NFT community that I ended up putting them into a blog post, but they all were centered around these themes:
  • Learn to unlearn
  • Self-care is important
  • Stay true to yourself
Read it on and share any of your advice.
Collection updates
real self talk on Opensea
real self talk on Opensea
Collection details
  • 𝟯𝟱 total will be created.
  • Each 1/1.
  • 7 available on primary
  • All will be priced at .02 eth
main wondermundo on Opensea
main wondermundo on Opensea
This is what I refer to as my main collection and I currently have one NFT available on primary.
It’s called #theoriginofshame and it’s the first one in a new style I’m starting to synthesize.
Check it out and let me know what you think. Appreciate any feedback!
P.S. I have some NFTs listed on secondary and spy 👀 one that is a steal and an early wondermundo!
Secondary listings
What else?
  • It’s important to me to make sure you continue finding value in subscribing so please feel free to share any feedback or ask any questions at any time. You can submit anonymously or not.
  • This collab on Foundation with the legendary ih0dl is still available. Reserve 2 eth for now, will be higher later. 💅
  • I have some yolo and texture cards available on ParasHQ
  • I’m on Instagram and Tiktok
I cannot express my gratitude for each and every one of you. Your support means the world to me. 💜
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Hidden part walking into their own story 🖼️
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