Women Entrepreneurship - Issue #41

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Women Entrepreneurship

A curated list of stories, news, and resources pertaining to female founders and leaders.

Women in Entrepreneurship,
Following Mevish’s edition last week, articles about burnout seemed to stand out to me even more. So, I include a couple here as well as a read on VC leadership and some famous women’s quotes about their career milestones to send us into the weekend.
P.S. Happy Father’s Day to all the men out there actively supporting the women in their lives through staying at home with the kids, sharing the home and childcare load equally, sponsoring women’s careers, raising feminist children, and more.

Free Your Mind (From Self-Doubt)
What Makes Entrepreneurs Burn Out
When Women Control The Money, Female Founders Get Funded
Quotes From 25 Famous Women On Their Career Breakthroughs
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