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Women Entrepreneurship - Issue #55

Women in Entrepreneurship,This week I was thinking a lot about profitability, and you'll see that in the reads. I hope they spur some ideas as you continue closing out this year strong and planning for 2021!Cheers,Clare@YMCMBennett


Women Entrepreneurship - Issue #54

Women in Entrepreneurship,Thanks again to all who filled out our questionnaire! The additional responses further supported the findings I shared last week, and many said you use LinkedIn the most with some Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook sprinkled in. Most...


Women Entrepreneurship - Issue #53

Women in Entrepreneurship,Big thanks to everyone who was able to fill out the questionnaire about you all so that I can hopefully better tailor this digest. We have nearly 10,000 subscribers, and our sample size from the responses is less than 100. So, resp...


Women Entrepreneurship - Issue #52

Women in Entrepreneurship,I am thrilled to be back after a longer-than-anticipated hiatus. I hope you all have been staying healthy and were able to enjoy summer a bit.The time of year has come when entrepreneurs push even harder to finish the year out stro...


Women Entrepreneurship - Issue #51

Women in Entrepreneurship,I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and feeling sane. My family suffered a loss recently (unrelated to the coronavirus), so I plan to start getting back to our normal Friday schedule in the coming weeks. With economic uncert...


Women Entrepreneurship - Issue #50

Women in Entrepreneurship,Some shuffling of plans due to coronavirus delayed this week's newsletter, and I hope you all are staying healthy! Sending you all the best wishes in these uncertain times.While you might be working remotely, here are accelerators ...


Women Entrepreneurship - Issue #49

Women in Entrepreneurship,March is Women’s History Month! To kick things off, our reads and resources will be all about events and conferences focused on women leaders. The rest of the month will also center around accelerators, incubators, funds, and co-wo...


Women Entrepreneurship - Issue #48

Women in Entrepreneurship,This week's reads are varied, but I've had them saved up to share with you for a while. So, let me know what you think here!Cheers,Clare


Women Entrepreneurship - Issue #47

Women in Entrepreneurship,Sending a day early to say happy galentine's day! Give yourself and the women in your life some extra love today.Cheers,Clare


Women Entrepreneurship - Issue #46

Hello Women Entrepreneurship,I hope you enjoy this weeks digest!If there are particular topics you'd like us to cover simply hit reply so we can work some magic our end :) Have a great weekend.with love,Mevish


Women Entrepreneurship - Issue #45

Women in Entrepreneurship,This week is all about resources! Whether these are new to you or ones to revisit, resources can lead to new ideas. I certainly have my go-to websites, Twitter accounts, and podcasts for when I need some guidance or inspiration.Che...


Women Entrepreneurship - Issue #44

Women in Entrepreneurship,I couldn't get enough of this week's reads and hope you enjoy them, too! What are the best articles you have read about women in entrepreneurship lately?Cheers,Clare


Women Entrepreneurship - Issue #43

Hello Friends,Excited to share some great posts this week!But for the coming months, I'd love to know what you would like ...to see more ofand what you would like to see less of?Hit reply with your insights, it takes less than 30 seconds 👏🏾Wish you all an a...


Women Entrepreneurship - Issue #42

Hello Friends!This week I am following suit of my partners' recommendation of Naval Ravikant's theory on happiness...“I actually think happiness is the absence of suffering. It comes from peace. That comes from being careful about desire, judgment, and reac...


Women Entrepreneurship - Issue #41

Women in Entrepreneurship,Following Mevish's edition last week, articles about burnout seemed to stand out to me even more. So, I include a couple here as well as a read on VC leadership and some famous women's quotes about their career milestones to send u...


Women Entrepreneurship - Issue #40

Hello there,Recently I've come across more + more conversations and awareness on mental health, burnouts and stress. As someone who has optimised their life following a burnout I highly welcome the growing movement in this field. I don't think people realis...


Women Entrepreneurship - Issue #39

Women in Entrepreneurship,Following Memorial Day in the United States on Monday, all the reads this week are about veteran women turned entrepreneurs!Cheers,Clare


Women Entrepreneurship - Issue #38

Hi Friends,Next week I am hosting an Online AMA with the awesome Marc Duke, a London based Marketing Veteran of 20 years!If you:Are struggling to get results with your MarketingWant to learn how to measure your MarketingPerhaps, don't know where to allocate...


Women Entrepreneurship - Issue #37

Women in Entrepreneurship,Please forgive the delayed send: Special shoutout to all the mothers this past weekend and every day!Cheers,Clare


Women Entrepreneurship - Issue #36

Women in Entrepreneurship,The most constant element of my work as I change jobs, or even industries altogether, is the never-ending pursuit of continued education. Always trying to learn, I often read until my eyes burn, and I can never seem to keep up with...