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The Twist - The Wise Men Say Newsletter
The Twist - The Wise Men Say Newsletter
Next up, it’s Morecambe at the Stadium of Light! Kick-off 7.45pm

The Wise Men Say Newsletter | Morecambe (H) | Issue #14
Tonight, we welcome Morecambe to the Stadium of Light. It’s a game that gives me chills just thinking about it. It’s going to be cold, it’s going to be wet, it’s going to be windy.
Midweek games are meant to be fun but this is the exception to the rule, unless we win by a country mile, there will be not much to warm us tonight.
It was a little concerning to see that we lost around 5,000 off our usual 3pm Saturday gate for the Oxford game - perhaps it was down to it being a rescheduled game, maybe people had made other plans.
Maybe they didn’t fancy it?
Tonight’s game will be a similar affair. Morecambe won’t travel in huge numbers, and it’s a tough sell for walk-up fans. It’s a tough sell for season card holders as well!
Despite the disappointing result on Saturday, performances are ever so slightly on the up - if we put in the same effort as we did in the second half, we shouldn’t have any problems against Morecambe.
Their one threat comes in the shape of Cole Stockton, who has a name that sounds like an RAF airfield and a scoring record that is the envy of the division.
His career has been utterly unremarkable before now, never getting into double figures until he rocked up in Morecambe with nothing more than the clothes he was wearing and a glint in his eye.
Since then, he’s turned into a superstar, scoring ridiculous goals. It makes no sense. I can only surmise that he’s obviously cheating somehow. Like he’s playing football with one of those Action Replay cartridges you’d get on games consoles in the 1990s.
If we can keep him quiet, we should be fine - even with our team in the patched-up state it is.
Haway the lads!
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The Twist - The Wise Men Say Newsletter
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