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Stupid club, stupid ground, stupid badge, it's Lincoln! - The Twist #25 - The Wise Men Say Newsletter

The Twist - The Wise Men Say Newsletter
The Twist - The Wise Men Say Newsletter
Next up, it’s Lincoln City at Sincil Bank - kick-off 3pm!

The Twist | Lincoln City (A) | Issue #25
There’s only so many times one can say to themselves “one day we’ll look back and this will be funny”.
Bruce Springsteen said it in his early hit Rosalita, probably complaining about the mundanity of his life at the time and how he was desperate for a break.
Sunderland, similarly, are at their own lowest ebb, just like Bruce was 40 years ago. An ebb that feels like an eternity. We’re often praised for our gallows humour in these adverse times, but we’re almost out of jokes. We are sick to the tits of this league, and no matter how you dress it up, we need to get out of it as soon as possible.
Every day we spend in this division is a disaster.
That’s a bright start to this week’s edition, isn’t it? A nice bit of reality.
Forgive us for looking backwards and feeling a little “meh” about it all.
This month marks the Wise Men Say Podcast’s ninth birthday. We begin our tenth year languishing in the third division, having started our life, bright eyed and bushy tailed (though Stephen was still resolutely bald) in the Premier League. Giddy. Optimistic.
We have outlasted the Betamax, Alan Sugar’s email phone, the Barcode Battler, El Dorado, One True Voice, Levi twisted jeans, and have even been in operation longer than the Beatles were.
We have talked into a microphone through two relegations, four trips to Wembley, what feels like hundreds of managers as the team we love have plopped down the divisions and then struggled to get out of this one like a spider in a toilet bowl.
Honestly, the material Springsteen would get out of being a Sunderland fan. He’d be a megastar! (Erm…. - Ed)
So, as we sadly blow the candles out on another birthday spent in the doldrums, we hope that the next decade will see our football club on an upward trend. Please.
Ha'way the lads!
(Tomorrow, we play Lincoln.)
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The Twist - The Wise Men Say Newsletter
The Twist - The Wise Men Say Newsletter @wisemensaypod

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