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Standards need to change - The Twist #20 - The Wise Men Say Newsletter

The Twist - The Wise Men Say Newsletter
The Twist - The Wise Men Say Newsletter
Next up, it’s Doncaster Rovers, at the Stadium of Light, kick off 3pm!

The Twist | Doncaster (H) | Issue #20
I don’t know, you lose six zip away from home and all holy hell breaks loose.
Was this the game that snapped everyone out of this illusion that we somehow belong in League One?
It certainly seems that way, judging by the last seven days.
Lee Johnson was given his marching orders, which some people are crying about because he was a nice man.
Nice men lose their jobs every day. It’s sad for him. It’s especially sad for Mrs Johnson, who will have to put up with him leaving empty bottles of Peroni 0.0% all over the house, quoting TED Talks at any given opportunity and leaving The High Performance Podcast blaring out at full blast on the family Amazon Echo speaker, until the day arrives where he can spout his pseudo-intellectual bollocks on another unsuspecting football club fanbase.
But it’s not sad for Sunderland AFC. Certainly not sad for the fans. I saw a stat the other day that said we have gone through 18 managers in the 19 years since Peter Reid was sacked. If I shed a tear for every one of them I’d have no tears left to cry.
But if you’re sad about him leaving, that’s also fine. I’m not saying you should be doing a jig outside the Academy of Light because the wicked witch (or should that be the WKD witch?) has left. Just do what you want. We seem to live in a world where people are triggered massively by people who hold different opinions to them. Just crack on. As Lee Johnson would say, “You do you babe xoxo”.
Saturday’s defeat has been described as the worst result in our history. Some point towards a defeat against Yeovil Town thousands ago which I’m sure was bad, but this is the third tier of English football. Having already been tonked by Rotherham (A), Portsmouth (A), and having our pants pulled down by Sheffield Wednesday (A). Even in the Premier League, even in 2005-6, we weren’t spanked this much. The 4-1s at home to Newcastle and Portsmouth were the low points. 
Two divisions down and we’re being hoyed about the place like rag dolls. It’s nothing short of an embarrassment.
A common failing of the three managers we’ve had in League One is this bizarre acceptance of where we are. Something which has permeated into every surface at the club, and now the fans.
What has happened in the last week has shown that, collectively, we’re starting to act like a big time club again. Because we are. We’re the only club outside of the Premier League to have more than 30,000 through the turnstiles. Only one other club has managed it this season, and that’s Derby. And look at them!
The signing of Jermain Defoe was a genuinely exciting end to the transfer window. It’s nostalgic, in that it brings back memories of his first spell where his incredible goal return belied the absolute turd of a club he was playing for at the time. He’s still in good nick - though we might have to bring the cryotherapy chamber back on a short term deal.
He’s a winner. And even if he doesn’t play all of the time, he’s going to raise standards within the group of players that we have. That is important.
When we look at the list of managers to possibly replace Johnson, the most attractive name is Roy Keane’s.
If anyone knows about setting standards, and the expectation of a club of Sunderland’s size, it’s Keane.
Even if he’s been out of the game for a while, he will not stand for us being in this division, he will not stand for us settling for a draw against a ten-man side and seeing the positives of it, he will be able to pinpoint why we’ve lost a game and call it out for what it is.
That’s why, for me, it has to be Keane. And if he can’t do it, then maybe we’ll be in this division forever.
Ha'way the Lads!
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But seriously though, thanks for listening

Q. What is Roy Keane’s favourite biscuit-turned-chocolate bar?
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The Twist - The Wise Men Say Newsletter
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