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Planespotting - The Twist #22 - The Wise Men Say Newsletter

The Twist - The Wise Men Say Newsletter
The Twist - The Wise Men Say Newsletter
Next up, it’s MK Dons at the Stadium of Light, kick-off 3pm!

The Twist | MK Dons (H) | Issue #22
This week’s edition of the newsletter has been delayed because its writer spent three whole hours watching a live feed of planes trying to land at Heathrow at the peak of Storm Eunice.
No, really. It was great.
In any case, it has been another quiet week in the life of being a fan of the clown car crash that is Sunderland AFC, and it’s only the last 24 hours or so that we’ve remembered that we’ve got a football match tomorrow.
The rest of the week, we dealt with the revelations that Kyril Louis-Dreyfus owns less than half of the football club and that the assorted members of the Madrox group, who were previously billed as owning ‘minority shares’, actually own 59% of the club. 
But, but, but, it’s fine because they aren’t on the board and KLD calls all the shots. Ah, great, so that’s that then. Phew! You had me worried.
Well, no. It’s not as simple as that. Especially when we also learned that for every decision KLD supposedly makes, Madrox need to fund that on a pro-rata basis. So the pitch that has been worked on for the last two weeks, 59% of that will have been funded by Madrox. So they’re not exactly silent partners are they? Because if you’re ponying up every month, you’re going to want to have input on where that cash is spent. Maybe that doesn’t come in the form of a seat on the board or a job title, but you’re having to sign the cheques.
It explains why the approach for a new manager was so muddled, so messy, so Madrox.
We took two weeks to appoint a man who was out of work and who we first reached out to 48 hours after Lee Johnson was given the Spanish Archer.
Then there was the Roy Keane Distraction. It’s safe to say it split the fanbase whether he should have been brought in, seemingly it split the ownership group as well. And here we are, having seemingly pissed our chances of promotion down the drain taking a decision that was SUPPOSED TO SAVE THE SEASON.
If that doesn’t bear all the hallmarks of our esteemed previous-but-no-actually-current owners, then I don’t know what does.
Where does this leave Louis-Dreyfus? He has two options. Sell up, or buy them out. No option includes Madrox.
We’ve done loads of stuff on this all week, so rather than blather more about it, we’ve included the links in this email.
So anyway, MK Dons, that’s tomorrow.
The best thing about the Dons is that Dean Lewington plays for them, and he’s about 100. He played for them when they were Wimbledon, and when they played us back in 2004. So that’s interesting isn’t it?
Ha'way the lads!
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The Twist - The Wise Men Say Newsletter
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