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Bring Yer Boots, Son - The Twist #17 - The Wise Men Say Newsletter

The Twist - The Wise Men Say Newsletter
The Twist - The Wise Men Say Newsletter
Next up, it’s Wycombe Wanderers, at a SOLD OUT ADAMS CAR PARK! Kick-off 12.30pm, live on Sky Sports

The Twist | Wycombe Wanderers (A) | Issue #17
Oh hello Wycombe Wanderers, we meet again. This is the 145th meeting between the two sides in the third tier, every single one of them involving Gareth Ainsworth, and every single one of them featuring some kind of awful, cringeworthy shithousery from the “Chairboys”.
This time, we’re not only down to the bare bones, those bones have Ricketts and we’re down to just marrow now. Marrow, marra.
Sunderland’s determination to play the game despite a raft of positive Covid tests is either commendable, or daft.
Kristjaan Speakman’s quote that “postponing tomorrrow’s game would not only compromise the integrity of the competition, but also let down our supporters” suggests a bit of a dig at the likes of Liverpool and Newcastle who have been incredibly quick to postpone recent fixtures - but is our squad equipped to deal with such disruption?
We’ll find out at about 3pm tomorrow as Anthony Patterson, Josh Hawkes and, I don’t know, a barely fit Luke O'Nien(?!) trudge off the Adams Park pitch.
So, bring on The Chairboys. The worst nickname in football. Even worse than ‘The Gas’.
We’ve had a go at Wycombe’s manager in earlier editions of this email, as well as on the podcast, and in various pieces that have been written over the last few months. There’s nothing more to be said about him, other than I’m sure he loses a button from his shirt every time we play Wycombe.
We’ve never seen Wycombe play well, yet they sit perennially in the top half of the league. And you may ask yourselves, well, how did you get here?
It’s genuinely baffling.
Wycombe were really chuffed this week because, amongst other stuff, they’ve sold out their car park, which on my last visit to Adams Park, holds about ten cars, or two coaches. But, fair play. A sold out car park, we’ll never sing that.
Adams Park is possibly the oddest-located ground in the league, tacked on to the edge of an industrial estate which in itself is hemmed in by the finest suburban sights of High Wycombe.
If you’ve never met anyone from High Wycombe, imagine everyone you’ve ever hated combined into one living organism, probably wearing a suit, definitely a Tory (or Labour if you don’t like them), listens to Coldplay. Possibly IS Coldplay, or that dodgy one that was in Mumford and Sons.
It’s in a funny area of the country that seemingly has no identity. The likes of Swindon, Reading, Oxford, Slough are utterly forgettable townships dotted about to the west of London. Their football clubs seem to be flagbearers for how dull their home town is.
And tomorrow, it’s all on TV, in glorious HD stereo surround sound beauty. I honestly can’t wait.
Ha'way the lads!
It’s FA Cup Third Round weekend, and once again, we’re not involved, having been dumped out of the most prestigious club competition in all of world football at the hands of Mansfield Town in the first round for the second year running.
In January 2020, it was Gillingham who brought our road to Wembley crashing to a halt, after Walsall had doled out a similar fate in 2019.
So it’s been four long years since we were involved in what many consider to be the best weekend of the season.
As it turns out, we can do without any distractions this year, of all years, as we look in good shape to get out of the division. And if we’re promoted, we’ll be in the third round next year - all ready to be knocked out by Burnley.
Wise Men Say Podcast
No game at the weekend, but a timely moment to update this (i.e. now I've no festivities to help me forget to do it...)

#SAFC still above 2PPG and a mere smidge behind Jack Ross' 2018/19 team. Miles ahead of the crap of 19/20. Wigan looking strong, albeit with fewer games played
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Away Day Memories - Enjoying a masterclass in Wycombe's Dark Arts in 2019
Q. Sunderland last played in the third round of the FA Cup in January 2018. Who did they play?
Last week’s quiz question was:
Q. Who was Sunderland’s first signing to cost £1million or more?
A. Alex Rae
Well done to Paul Jacques for correctly answering!
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The Twist - The Wise Men Say Newsletter
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