What's in my ... ?

Each week, one interesting person shares four favorite things in their bag or in their desk or fridge or closet or wherever they keep things.

Each week, one interesting person shares four favorite things in their bag or in their desk or fridge or closet or wherever they keep things.

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What's on my industrial bookshelf? — Spencer Wright

I run theprepared.org, where I write and edit writing about engineering, manufacturing, and infrastructure, and manage a community for folks who think and work in adjacent areas. And, I spend a lot of time obsessing over bikes, and trying out new (and old) to…


What’s in my drawer? — Nicole Harkin

My kitchen drawer is a place of minor organization of a largely unorganized life.


What's in my art studio? — Ed Epping

A basic premise of all the work I am most intrigued by: the work examines that quality or condition which has been overlooked by most. I attempt to use that as a guide for choosing what I focus on in my imagery. So, I use words and images as partners where th…


What’s in my photo bag? — Lawrence Lazare

Like most photographers, I am on a never-ending search for the perfect camera bag. My current bag is the Lowepro Photo Hatchback BP 250 AW II. I like the fact that the cube that holds my gear cab be removed so that I can use it as a non-photo bag. It also has…


What's on my junk shelf? — Casper Kelly

I have a built in shelf in my home office that I haven't organized yet. In addition to part of my wife's Martha Stewart magazine collection that I have yet to move to her home office and my burgeoning blu ray collection (that I've stopped adding to until I ma…


What's in my workspace? — David Yoon

This is my main workspace, which really just is a corner of the main bedroom in my house. I like to do my work in small dim cloisters. I think because it reminds me of growing up as a latch key kid and having all this free time to hole up in my room and be as…


What's in my survival kit? — Dug North

I am passionate about learning and teaching wilderness survival skills. As an example for my students, I put together a well-rounded survival kit. This kit is based on a design by my colleague, Tim Swanson of Owl Eyes Wilderness. One of the hardest things to …


What's on my painting counter? — Gioia Palmieri

I started painting a few years ago and since then I’ve found tools for my painting that I hope will be helpful for you if you’re interested in painting. I like to stand while I work and use my work counter for writing and painting. When painting, I mix the pa…


What's in my trophy case? — Rusty Blazenhoff

Living a creative life can be really fun but it ain’t easy! One of the ways that I’ve learned to cope with crippling self-doubt is with a "trophy case." It displays things that remind me of who I am, how far I’ve come, and why I need to keep doing what I do. …


What's in my toolbox? — Randy Regier

My Day Job requires of me that I restore and customize vintage cars. To that end I maintain four moderate sized toolboxes because of the diversity of my tasks and the fact that I work between two buildings and cross a street regularly to do so. For the purpos…


What's in my diary? — Claudia Dawson

My diaries are relics of my past. I return to them when I need a reminder of who I was and what I've overcome. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior and my diaries maintain a continuity that my memory cannot. Over time I've perfected my diary…


What's in my gym bag? — Jordan Calhoun

During the worst of the pandemic, my gym bag was obsolete. Even when gyms re-opened, it took a while before my office building did, so my thoughtfully-packed bag collected dust in a corner of my closet. Now that life is a little closer to normal though, my gy…


What's on my kitchen counter? — Seth Godin

My "space" is the counter where I cook dinner every night for family and friends. And as diets diverge and time gets short, there are a few go-to items that I keep coming back to.This is a tiny portion of the huge pile of bottles and potions and substances I …


What's (not) in my bag? — Ramona Pringle

Some backstory: In the time BC (before Covid, before child) I carried around a huge bag. My bag was big enough to comfortably hold a laptop, laptop charger, some food, water, a notepad, keys, pens (probably a few), a small bag with lipstick and powder (2-3 da…


What's in my Zoom setup? — John Nieuwenburg

In March of 2020, it became clear that we were all going to spend a lot of time on Zoom. As such, I wanted to improve the zoom experience for my clients and make it the best that it could be.


What's in my WFH setup? — Juris Kristobans

It is my first work from home setup. I like to add and remove things often. I have removed every unnecessary object from my desk and left with a bare minimum to do the work. And I love my massive desk (180 x 90cm) even though I don't have much stuff on the de…


What's in my desk? — Kevin Kelly

What's on my desk? A lot of gear is piled off to the side of my desktop iMac.


What's in my music studio? — Elliott Fienberg

My music studio does double duty as a regular office space for consulting and writing projects, so a long desk with ample closet space seems to be the best way to have this room function in the two capacities. I can stash music gear away if I'm trying to focu…


What's in my insect photography bag? — Mark W. Moffett

Pictured are the small items that I carry to watch ants and other insects —tools I describe below starting at the left and proceeding clockwise:


What's in my plastic bin? — Mark Frauenfelder

For one reason or another a bunch of random stuff has ended up in this smallish plastic bin I keep in my closet. Every time I look at it I’m surprised by what I find in it.