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What's in my workspace? — Andrei Kryssov


What's in my NOW?

March 23 · Issue #139 · View online

One interesting person shares the tangible and invisible things that are influencing the NOW — 3 physical, 2 digital, and 1 invisible.

Andrei Kryssov is the creator of Modern Guitar Hub, a blog for guitar players and musicians. By day he is a Product Manager at a tech company. He spends his evenings composing music and writing on the blog. You can hear his music on SoundCloud.

I’ve always worked with an external monitor. After noticing eye strain with my previous low-resolution monitor, I decided to invest in a quality 4K monitor. Best decision ever. This monitor is also a hub with multiple USB C and USB 3.0 ports. I’m able to connect my webcam, keyboard, mouse, and music keyboard to it, and then run one USB C cable to my laptop. The USB C also sends power to my laptop, which eliminates the need for a laptop power brick!
The newest addition to my space. A lightweight keyboard that connects via USB to my computer. With an endless amount of VST instruments online, I have an unlimited library of sounds. It’s 61 keys which is just the right size. And it comes with an ON/OFF switch so you can keep it plugged in and not always have it be on.
My audio interface. With this device I’m able to plug in two instruments or one instrument and a vocal microphone. I currently have my bass and electric guitar plugged in. Allows for seamless and crystal clear audio recording. For my guitar and bass sounds I use plugins by Neural DSP.
I’ve been buying this model of headphones since 2007. I first discovered these in college, where an instructor who worked in the LA film industry swore by them. I’ve grown accustomed to knowing exactly how they sound, and they sound better than many headphones that are 2-3x the price. I use them for recording, mixing, and when I’m playing guitar/bass/keyboards.
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