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What's in my desk? — Carol Byrd


What's in my ... ?

March 24 · Issue #95 · View online

Each week, one interesting person shares four favorite things in their bag or in their desk or fridge or closet or wherever they keep things.

I’m Carol Byrd. I started my adult life as a 6th grade teacher, and then decided to stay home once I had my first son in 1998. I homeschooled for ten years. I’ve recently re-entered the workforce as an Adult Basic Ed teacher for a local community college. I only taught for 8 weeks before Covid shut things down. I’ve made the transition to teaching a synchronous online class, and the learning curve has been steep!

About the desk
My desk is a hand-me-down from my parents. It’s at least 50 years old, and painted yellow courtesy of my mom. She was going to get rid of it, and was thrilled when I agreed to take it. It fits perfectly in our office bay window, it’s sturdy, and even has a file drawer! I start each day at my desk, and I also teach an online Adult Basic Education class (dual monitors not pictured) from it four days a week.
What's in my desk
One Line A Day: A Five-Year Memory Book ($14). I keep it right in front of me so I won’t forget to add to it each day. Just a few sentences about each day and I’m done! 2020 was my first year keeping it, and it’s been surreal to read how different life was a year ago.
Olive & June Cuticle Serum pen ($30). Again, since it’s right in front of me, I actually use it! A small and easy act of self-care. You can buy this at their website or at most Target stores.
Notebooks by Becky Higgins ($9). I counted, and actually have 8 of these going right now. This one is for my daily journaling, but I keep one in my purse, I use one as a planner, another to keep track of books I read, etc. They’re the perfect size, have quality paper, and come in fun designs!
Storage basket from Chatbooks. I got one for my Chatbooks and was so impressed with the quality that I ordered another one. It’s the perfect size to hold my desktop notebooks, journal, and other miscellany.
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