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What's in my bag? — Jason Donmoyer


What's in my NOW?

August 4 · Issue #114 · View online

One interesting person shares the tangible and invisible things that are influencing the NOW — 3 physical, 2 digital, and 1 invisible.

Jason Donmoyer is a small business and technology education advocate. He enjoys backpacking, pursuing side gigs and being an all around sound, light, electronics and chemistry tinkerer. He blogs about his Transmutable Explorations. You can find Jason on Twitter @jasondonmoyer.

This is my every day bag when I don’t need a computer and I’m not doing a serious hike. It’s compact and lightweight, but still has plenty of space for the things I need to carry with me (and anything I might pick up along the way). It can hold a hydration reservoir and tubing and still remain completely closed.
I have the original version of this multi tool, but the upgraded Wave+ is even better! This goes with me everywhere and has helped me out of many jams. It has a decent version of just about any tool you could need. My version is a bit on the heavy side, but I’ve tried replacing it with other multitools and I keep coming back to this old standby.
There was a time, when I used to carry many different USB cables and adapters in order to charge/connect all the devices that I might have on me. Often, I’d misplace a connector or discover that the one cable I had for micro USB devices was bent so badly that it no longer worked. All of these issues ended when I discovered this Kevlar wrapped cable with adapters attached. So far, it’s met all expectations!
My hair can be unruly and I don’t always like to wear a hat. I started carrying these headbands and found them to be far more versatile than expected. They work great for keeping my hair out of my eyes and absorbing sweat while hiking, but I also use them for shielding my fair skin from the sun, sand or wind. I use them to clean my sunglasses and during the pandemic they became an extra mask layer. If you’re in the back country, they also make an effective heat barrier to protect your hands when you go to pull your hot pot off of your fire/stove.
I’m a tea fanatic. Most bagged teas don’t cut it (and I feel bad about the additional waste associated with them). It’s easy to find a decent cup of coffee when out, but not so with tea. With this infuser, I can carry my favorite loose leaf teas with me and just add hot water. It’s also surprisingly easy to clean. Just let the infuser dry on the included trivet and turn it upside down and most teas just fall right out, getting you ready for your next cup!
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