The Federal Reserve Is Not Credible



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William J. Luther
William J. Luther
PLUS Inflation targets; Market expectations; Defining transitory; and more…

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The Federal Reserve Is Not Credible
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Available at Amazon.
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William J. Luther
2008: bolívar fuerte introduced (1,000 bolívar/bf)
2018: bolívar soberano introduced (100,000 bf/bs)
2021: bolívar digital introduced (1,000,000 bs/bd)

#Venezuela’s new bolívar digital is equivalent to 100,000,000,000,000 (read: 100 trillion) pre-2008 bolívars.
William J. Luther
The Narrative. A story in three parts.
1. We are in a recession. There’s no reason to worry about the economy overheating right now.
2. Inflation is temporary, reflecting supply constraints.
3. The economy is running hot—and that’s actually a good thing!
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William J. Luther
William J. Luther @williamjluther

William J. Luther is an associate professor of economics at Florida Atlantic University and director of the American Institute for Economic Research's Sound Money Project.

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