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Powell pivots, but inflation will likely remain high for years

William J. Luther
William J. Luther
PLUS Fed credibility; Inflation projections; and more…

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Available at Amazon.
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Twitter Takes
William J. Luther
Nominal spending looks likely to exceed trend in Q4-2021. You can’t spin this forever. At some point, you’re gonna have to own it.
William J. Luther
Can I redeem bitcoin for the energy and capital depreciation used to create it? No. Therefore, it is not backed. QED.
William J. Luther
Putting aside the misuse of the term “backed” in the tweet quoted below, the bigger issue here is the suggestion that #bitcoin is valuable *because* it is costly to produce. That’s wrong. Let me explain. 🧵
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William J. Luther
William J. Luther @williamjluther

William J. Luther is an associate professor of economics at Florida Atlantic University and director of the American Institute for Economic Research's Sound Money Project.

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