The Wild Week in AI - Google + FB investing in French AI; Neuromorphic Computing; DeepMind's PsychLab; and more





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The Wild Week in AI

January 29 · Issue #76 · View online

The Wild Week in AI is a weekly AI & Deep Learning newsletter curated by @dennybritz.

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Google and Facebook investing in French AI
Facebook AI chief Yann LeCun moves into pure research role
MIT researchers make progress in "neuromorphic computing"
TensorFlow 1.5 Release (with eager execution)
Posts, Articles, Tutorials
Faster R-CNN: Down the rabbit hole of modern object detection
How to build your own AlphaZero AI using Python and Keras
The philosophical argument for using ROC curves
Code, Projects & Data
FAIR's research platform for object detection research
Psychlab from DeepMind
PyTorch implementation of Trust Region Policy Optimization
Highlighted Research Papers
[1801.07883] Deep Learning for Sentiment Analysis : A Survey
[1801.08116] Psychlab: A Psychology Laboratory for Deep Reinforcement Learning Agents
[1701.08230] Algorithmic decision making and the cost of fairness
[1709.04326] Learning with Opponent-Learning Awareness
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