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The Wild Week in AI - Gluon ML framework; Deep RL Bootcamp videos + labs; Multi-agent Competition; library


The Wild Week in AI

October 16 · Issue #65 · View online

The Wild Week in AI is a weekly AI & Deep Learning newsletter curated by @dennybritz.

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Gluon: A new Machine Learning library from AWS and Microsoft
Alibaba Launches Global Research Program
Interview with Fei-Fei Li: Put Humans at the Center of AI
Posts, Articles, Tutorials
Deep RL Bootcamp - Lecture Videos & Labs
Multi-agent Competition & Competitive Self-Play (OpenAI)
Colorizing B&W Photos with Neural Networks
An algorithm for your blind spot
Mixed Precision Training (Baidu + NVIDIA)
Code, Projects & Data
TensorFlow: Release 1.4.0 (
PyTorch RL algorithm implementations
Multiagent Competition Environments
PyTorch implementation of Quasi-Recurrent Neural Networks
Highlighted Research Papers
[1710.03748] Emergent Complexity via Multi-Agent Competition
[1710.03641] Continuous Adaptation via Meta-Learning in Nonstationary and Competitive Environments
[1710.02855] The IIT Bombay English-Hindi Parallel Corpus
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