The Wild Week in AI - Apple's self-driving car research; Amazon ML Solutions; Fake Net Neutrality Comments; New WaveNet details;

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The Wild Week in AI

November 27 · Issue #69 · View online
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This Week's Sponsor: Cogent Labs
Cogent Labs is a well funded artificial intelligence startup located in the heart of Tokyo. Its goal is to bridge the gap between academic research in deep learning and real-world business solutions. Cogent Labs is currently working on diverse problems including natural language processing, image understanding, and financial time series.
Cogent Labs is a diverse company, with members coming from more than 15 different countries and the internal communication language is English. It is growing its team and looking to hire talented research scientists, research engineers, and software engineers. You can apply through
Apple discloses self-driving car research
Amazon launches "ML Solutions Lab"
Nature launches new Machine Intelligence journal
Google Cloud: Lower prices for GPUs and local SSDs
Samsung to establish an AI research hub
Posts, Articles, Tutorials
Expressivity, Trainability, and Generalization in Machine Learning
High-fidelity speech synthesis with WaveNet
This AI spots art forgeries by looking at individual brushstrokes
Capsule Networks: Tutorial (video)
Code, Projects & Data
More than a million Pro-Repeal Net Neutrality Comments were likely faked
Audio Analysis With Wavenet, MFCCs, UMAP, t-SNE and PCA
11k Hands Dataset
Open Images Dataset Update: V3 Released
Highlighted Research Papers
[1711.06396] VoxelNet: End-to-End Learning for Point Cloud Based 3D Object Detection (Apple)
[1711.07971] Non-local Neural Networks
[1704.03732] Deep Q-learning from Demonstrations (Updated)
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