The Wild Week in AI - AlphaGo Zero; Uber's DL framework; Intel releases new DL chips; and more





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The Wild Week in AI

October 23 · Issue #66 · View online

The Wild Week in AI is a weekly AI & Deep Learning newsletter curated by @dennybritz.

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AlphaGo Zero: Learning from scratch
Intel unveils new family of AI chips to take on Nvidia’s GPUs
Modern Love: Are We Ready for Intimacy With Robots?
Posts, Articles, Tutorials
AMA: DeepMind’s AlphaGo team
Word embeddings in 2017: Trends and future directions
Deep Learning Book Club (videos)
Generalizing from Simulation (OpenAI)
Code, Projects & Data
AVA: Dataset for Human Action Understanding
Nervana Coach: Reinforcement Learning Framework
Horovod: Uber's Distributed Deep Learning Framework
Highlighted Research Papers
Mastering the game of Go without human knowledge (Nature)
[1710.05381] A systematic study of the class imbalance problem in convolutional neural networks
[1710.05468] Generalization in Deep Learning
[1710.06922] Emergent Translation in Multi-Agent Communication
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